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  • Phytomer Structuriste replacement for extreme lift

    structuriste-firming-lift-creamPhytomer skincare has redefined modern technology in the professional skincare world with it marine-based formulations. Its advanced research team provides the most advanced technology by combining, through a medical standard, marine microorganisms and active natural ingredients. Continue reading

  • Hydramucine

    gmG.M. Collin, a pioneer in the professional skincare world, uses a highly advanced technology that blends the powers of natural ingredients and science to provide the most effective skin care products available. Not only will these products enhance the beauty of your skin, they’ll also protect your skin’s health and provide overall radiant complexion. Continue reading

  • Cupcakes and Crow’s Feet

    me21You’re enjoying a fun-filled afternoon with friends -- shopping, mani/pedis and a cupcake from the local bakery to top things off. No worries about keeping the sugar off your waistline; everyone pledges to do a few extra “burn-off” miles on the treadmill. But what can you do about the sugar that’s going straight to your crow’s feet? Continue reading

  • ViVe naturals

    Vive_LogoViVe Naturals, an environmentally friendly, all-natural skincare line, is intended to revitalize your hair and skin. A company that prides itself on what Mother Nature has to offer, ViVe Naturals uses 100 percent, all-natural ingredients to produce proven results for skin correction and hair rejuvenation. Continue reading

  • Kiss and make up day August 25

    SONY DSCSometimes, a kiss is just a kiss. But on National Kiss and Make up Day, August 25, a kiss can be a commodity – a bridge between lovers when things have gone awry.

    Since the earliest reference to kissing-like behavior in Sanskrit scriptures around 3,500 years ago, kissing has evolved into a common expression of love, affection, friendship, peace and love. Like a smile, a kiss is universal currency in approximately 90 percent of the world. Continue reading

  • How does antioxidant skin care fight free radical damage?

    meg-21-with-supplaminer-anti-oxidant-boost-c5aWhat exactly are antioxidants? Good question. Whether found naturally (mostly in fruits in vegetables) or as a man-made chemical compound, antioxidants work to fight free-radical damage. What’s free-radical damage? Ah, another good question. Free-radical damage is the breakdown of the healthy function of cells in the body. Continue reading

  • Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreens

    Sunscreen_128When it comes to protecting your skin from damaging ultraviolet A, or UVA, and ultraviolet B, or UVB, rays from the sun, sunscreen should be your first choice. In general, there are two types of sunscreens, physical and chemical. To gain a better understanding of sunscreens, let’s take an in-depth look of how sunscreens work and protect your skin, the function of chemical and physical sunscreens, and which is best for you, depending on your skin type and conditions.

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  • Avocado, nature’s perfect food for both inside and out

    AvocadosIt has been called nature’s perfect food – the avocado.

    Believed to have originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico, the avocado or “alligator pear” has been revered by cultures for thousands of years. Sustaining on a simpler diet, the Aztecs and other cultures recognized the benefits of the avocado, both nutritionally and externally.

    Avocados contain incredible amounts of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant carotenoids, such as beta carotene and lutein. These free-radical-quenching compounds provide significant protection for your skin from environmental damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. High amounts of carotenoids in your diet have been shown in scientific studies to improve your skin’s density, thickness, tone and general appearance.

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  • Acne Scars: How to improve or reduce them?

    AcneScarring of any sort, can be physically unappealing and in some cases, living with scars can be traumatic. Whether they are minor or severe, scar creation is the natural result of the body healing from a wound. Scars come in different forms. Most are flat and pale, some are sunken or pitted and others can be raised. Sunken or pitted scars are most common for clients that suffer from severe acne conditions.

    The formation of acne caused scars starts with the body’s production of collagen fibers to repair the wound. When pitted or acne scaring occurs, the exterior wall of the scar receives too much collagen and the underlying structure supporting the skin is lost. It’s this loss of supporting structure, in the form of either fat cells or muscle cells, that causes the inner part of the pit to fall. The combination of both of these physical failures is why acne scars appear to have a concave appearance.

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