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  • How to Firm Sagging Neck Skin and Get Rid of Turkey Neck

    neckThe skin existing on the neck and chest area doesn't seem to get as much attention as the skin on the face. This neglect can result in the occurrence of accelerated aging and skin discolorations. When applying skincare, it's easy to forget to treat the neck and chest area, since it's somewhat out of our mirror view. Many of us, also forget to apply sunscreen regularly, which protects fragile skin tissue from sun exposure and UV ray damage. Continue reading

  • At Home Cupid's Kiss Valentine Facial

    unnamedAt SkinTrends Day Spa, trained, licensed estheticians create relaxing  spa experiences for clients with seasonal specialty facials that also encourage our clients world-wide to pamper themselves in the luxury and comfort of their homes. Continue reading

  • ReGenesis- Advanced Hair Growth Treatment

    regenesis-homepage-sliderAthena Cosmetics is a prominent, respected cosmetics company that has built its brand around eyelash, eyebrow and hair enhancement/growth products. Up until now, company primary research and development has been spent on their Revitalash line of specially formulated eyebrow and eyelash enhancers, as well as mascaras. The Revitalash line also includes their popular Hair Advanced hair volume enhancer. Athena has now improved and expanded their hair enhancing products to include their new ReGenesis line. ReGenesis products are scientifically formulated to address and improve fine hair or thinning hair problems. Continue reading

  • New Product Launch: YON KA EAU MICELLAIRE

    30030_eau-micellaire_retail_0-362x362YonKa Skincare Brand, long-recognized as a pioneer in aromatherapy and skincare since 1954, has introduced its newest addition to its critically-acclaimed line of products with YonKa Eau Micellaire.

    Joining the ever-growing field of micellar waters used for non-rinse, soap-free skin-cleansing, YonKa’s Eau Micellaire integrates the brand’s YonKa Quintessence Formula to elevate micellar water to a new level. Micellar waters first gained recognition in Paris as the population sought to address the negative effects of the city’s infamously hard water on individuals’ skin. Using microscopic micelle particles (molecules made of fatty-acid esters) , micellar waters draw out impurities, makeup and sebum from the skin.
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  • New Skincare Products for 2015

    unnamedEach New Year is a time of renewal, re-birth and rejuvenation.

    Here at SkinTrends, one of the most exciting things about welcoming in the New Year is discovering new trends, exciting skincare products, innovative skincare technology and incredible cosmetics that will unveil themselves in 2015. Before we jump ahead, we’d like to remind you of some amazing products that were launched in 2014 and left quite an impression on us.
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  • Why should you buy a Clarisonic MIA 3 Facial Cleansing Brush?

    Aria_Front_1000x1000_BlackInnovative and technologically advanced Clarisonic has improved the technology in their top of the line Mia Facial Brush. Formerly known as the Clarisonic Aria, the new improved facial cleansing device is the Mia 3. The Mia line is comprised of three different devices. All of the models utilize sonic technology, but features and benefits are upgraded as you move up the line. The original Mia or Mia 1 has one universal cleansing speed and it’s exclusively recommended for normal to combination skin types. The Mia 2 has two speed settings, universal and delicate, allowing gentle cleansing application for sensitive skin types. The Mia 3 is equipped with 3 different speeds, universal for normal/combination skin,  gentle for sensitive conditions and a turbo for users that desire a deeper, more powerful cleansing action. The Mia 3 offers technology, features and usability benefits that make it worth the extra cost. Continue reading

  • Comfort Zone Skin Regimen

    unnamed[comfort zone]’s Skin Regimen is an advanced skin care line which focuses on deactivating aging and activating longevity. [comfort zone] relied on its multi-disciplinary team of scientists, doctors, anti-aging and nutritional experts to create a program that addresses the four primary causes of aging: inflammation, glycation, oxidation and methylation. Each product in Skin Regimen provides innovative and functional ingredients with productive results. The Skin Regimen line consists of restructuring nutricosmetic ingredients (nutritional supplements which purport to support the function and the structure of the skin) to revive depleted skin as it provides protection.
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  • Halloween and Skincare: Avoid Scary Skin

    iStock_000017149985SmallDon't scare your skin this Halloween! This is no time to skimp on skincare. In fact, Halloween, with its dress-up costumes and layers of thick, pore-clogging makeup, should be a time to take advantage of the incredible benefits of a daily skin regimen. Suffocating, compromised skin deserves a little more TLC than usual and can benefit from a wide range of Skin Trends’ products.
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  • Fall Blog: Pumpkin and Spice Skincare

    PumpkinsAutumn time: The leaves change to a beautiful rustic color, while the weather cools down. It’s the time of pumpkin everything, even in skincare. Seasonal change is a great time to revamp your skincare regimen. Switching to products that will provide added hydration and some necessary exfoliation is a must. Removing built up dead surface cells reveals, healthier more radiant skin. It’s perfect way to prepare your skin for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Believe it or not, many of the ingredients included in a list of great products for a fall time skincare regimen are also in your Thanksgiving Day meal. These effective ingredients include, pumpkin, apple, cranberry and even various seasonal spices. Continue reading

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