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  • Fulvic Acid Benefits in GlyMed Plus Skincare

    fabff6758e9ec4b6dd2fde88bf3ea797GlyMed Plus, a professional and pharmaceutical-grade skincare company, has been an innovative leader with its advanced products in the market. It has raised the bar with new and revolutionary products within its skincare line. These new and incredible products, which all have proven results, not only give your skin a radiant complexion, but they also address concerns with skin conditions. Continue reading

  • Phytomer XMF Cleanser Cream

    13774578_165503100526971_796780758_nPhytomer skincare has created an indulgent cleansing cream as an addition to its XMF PIONIERRE family of products. Utilizing the same innovative technology that’s inherent within Phytomer skincare, this luxurious cleansing cream, a wonderful complement to the XMF anti-aging collection, promises a fresher complexion for your skin. Continue reading

  • Energize With SynErgy A from Rhonda Allison

    SynA2Rhonda Allison, a well-known and recognized professional-grade skincare line, has revolutionized a new Retinal product with an incredible formulation in the SynErgy A Reconstructing Retinal Complex. Continue reading

  • GlyMed Plus introduces Beauty Oil and Fulvic Elixir

    glymedplus_25year_1451685617__20563GlyMed Plus, a staple in the beauty industry for 25 years, has an incredible reputation to boot, gained through providing exceptional products that deliver results. GlyMed Plus uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients of only the highest quality within products that positively change the structure of your skin. This gives the quality of GlyMed Plus’ skincare products, which are made in the United States and aren’t tested on animals, an advantage of proven immediate and long term-effects. Continue reading

  • Image Skincare launch products 2016

    Image Launch 2016Image Skincare, one of the most innovative skincare companies in the skin care industry, recently introduced exciting and highly anticipated products at its worldwide 2016 launch party. It should come as no surprise, too, that Image Skincare went above and beyond this year in sharing its incredible new products with the skin care world. Continue reading

  • New Sublime Skin from Comfort Zone Skincare

    unnamedComfort Zone skincare, is an innovative and professional brand that brings science and nature to their effective products. The Comfort Zone facility, based in Parma, Italy, prides their ability to formulate professional skin care products with the highest standards and efficacy. Marketing their international brand to high end resorts and professional spas worldwide, Comfort Zone is a name that is classified with success and improvement, giving the best in the overall health for the skin, inside and out. Continue reading

  • Innovative skincare to address dry skin during the winter

    wssnowThe winter months surely wreak havoc on your skin. The cold, dry climate causes your skin to become dehydrated and, in some cases, so dry that it becomes extremely sensitive. Add the dryness of indoor heating and your skin barely has a chance to replenish itself with moisture without some sort of additional assistance. Continue reading

  • Glamglow mud to foam Cleansers

    downloadGlamGlow® is notorious in the skincare professional world for their outstanding mud mask treatments. Geared towards celebrities and the Hollywood lifestyle, these instant gratification masks refresh the skin's complexion, for glowing, radiant skin. The GlamGlow® treatments became such a hit, the treatments became available in high end spas and retail resorts. With the success of the mud masks, GlamGlow® went another step beyond and creating a Mud to Foam™  daily facial cleanser to add to their collection. Continue reading

  • Epicuren acidophilus probiotic facial cream reformulation

    ACIDOPHILUS PROBIOTIC_gal_cutEpicuren Discovery Skincare is an innovative master in the professional skincare world that provides effective products with ingredients that encourage well being. Epicuren uses cutting-edge technology as well as natural and pharmaceutical ingredients to develop its effective products. Continue reading

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