Skin Trends: Affiliate Program

Sorry, our affiliate program is not currently available. We are evaluating our offering and its viability. Please check back with us at a later date. 


Affliates! You’ve come to the right place to earn top-notch commissions.

Skin Trends is the hottest site in Skin Care products today! Our unique, innovative approach to skin care product sales gives you numerous advantages as an affiliate. Heres why:

  • We sell only high-quality, professional-level skin care products. Our products are sold as packages or systems, so we sell multiple products in one sale. That means high average order sizes of $100 or more.
  • We pay outstanding commissions - 15 percent, plus additional compensation for exceeding goals.
  • High EPCs (Earnings per 100 clicks)
  • We have a strong conversion rate, because of our emphasis on service and the outstanding products we carry.
  • Unlike most skin product stores, we staff Expert Service Estheticians. Our licensed professionals understand the benefits of our products and how to sell them. They're available for FREE consultation support, with or without a purchase.
  • Our Expert Help section offers users unlimited access to information that will guide them to a skincare product purchase. The site offers many informative videos and more learning opportunities.
  • We offer FREE shipping on orders more than $25. Most orders are for more than $100.
  • Our obvious main demographic is women, but we also cater to mens needs.

 So, what are you waiting for? Join the Skin Trends affiliate program today. We provide affiliates with reliable, trusted third-party tracking, monthly commission checks and real-time reporting.

 Questions or concerns, please e-mail us at: