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  • Chemical knowledge: sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate

    sls2Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a common, inexpensive surfactant and detergent ingredient found in many household products. It is a coarse powder that’s used for its effective foaming capabilities. It’s found in toothpaste, soap, shampoo, facial cleansers, household cleaning products and even car engine degreasers. Continue reading

  • How to remedy dry winter skin

    wssnowIt's cold, dry and the wind chill factor makes that wind feel like it cuts right through you. Top that off with indoor heat and your skin is screaming for moisture! Dryness and sometimes itching can occur due to these dry conditions.  If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema, then your skin is really hurting. The cracking, flaking and irritation that increases with the winters dryer air can combine the heat indoors that dehydrates our skin even more. In these months of low humidity, harsh winds and heaters, how can we give our skin the moisture needed to endure these harsh conditions? Continue reading

  • Chemical knowledge: hyaluronic acid

    hyaHyaluronic Acid is naturally presented in the human body, specifically in our joints. It helps keep our joints lubricated. Hyaluronic Acid is also the source for holding our body's moisture. In fact, it can be responsible for holding up to 1,000 times it's own weight in water! It's primary job is to bind water and to lubricate the tissue and joints of the body. It is also natures cushion because it keeps connective tissue and joints well lubricated. Unfortunately, bodily injuries and/or a lack of acid production due to age, can cause a decrease in Hyaluronic Acid over time. Continue reading

  • Chemical knowledge: parabens

    images (1)Parabens....What are they? Why are they used in our products and what are they for? What kind of benefits can we get from them? Why is there so much controversy about Parabens and why are more cosmetic companies going with "Paraben-free" ingredients? In this article, we’ll answer these questions, so that you can fully comprehend what a Paraben is and whether or not you should avoid it. Continue reading

  • Thanksgiving and skin care

    imagesIt is Thanksgiving week and we are preparing to cook one of the largest dinners that we will eat all year. A dinner full of yummy spices, aromatic deliciousness, creams, pies, and carbohydrates! Even with all of the busy cooking and socializing with family, this week, we have to remember to take enough time out to take care of ourselves. So often we get caught up in the holidays and all of the activities! We kind of forget about our own needs, but what happens when we do that? A sluggish effect tends to happen (and not just from the Turkey)...exhaustion kicks in and where does it normally show up first? ...Your skin! Your skin reflects your internal health, because it is the largest organ of your body. Good skin health requires that you maintain good internal and external efforts for consistent skincare results. Continue reading

  • Chemical knowledge: glycerin

    20120225-glycerin-460In this special series of ingredient focused blog articles, we offer you thoroughly researched information on the exact components of different chemicals or compounds, related to skincare products. The focus of this and future articles is to bring forth the comprehension of what these ingredients really are and what they can do to benefit or potentially harm your skin. A break down of the compound make-up, and why these particular chemicals are used in our cosmetic and pharmaceutical products will help you understand what products can truly benefit your skin condition. Harmful chemicals to avoid and which ones provide true benefit, gives us the knowing and understanding of what we are putting in and on our these products work, how they don't.....what is toxic and what is not? Continue reading

  • Christmas gift ideas for men

    Christmas_Gift_Man_1832_575985270Lets face it, men are becoming more conscious of their skin and how to care for it. Which is great, since men have their own individual skin care needs that differ from women. This year, for Christmas, get a unique Christmas gift that is customized specifically for men's grooming and skin care needs. Continue reading

  • Before After Post testing

    Please post your before and after images. We'd love to hear from you. Once you send us your information, we'll approve it, then we'll post it. Thanks for your efforts!

  • Quick trip- knowledge to provide expert help.

    greater_fort_laudedale_broward_cc_ECThe Skin Trends Team just got back from a skin care convention in Ft.Lauderdale! We are so anxious to share what we discovered for new products, companies and amazing goodies that we were able to encounter at the convention. We not only had the chance to discover new skin care, but internal wellness also.  We were on a mission to find distinguished companies, explore new avenues for different products and even came up with some innovative ideas for the future of Skin Trends. It was a blast finding all this new product, meeting new professionals, who shared our enthusiasm, and dipping our hands into the cookie jar (so to speak), we were like little kids in a candy store. It was ecstatic! Continue reading

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