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  • Teenage skincare products

    170608657The majority of teenagers don’t think of skin care, yet many of these young adults suffer from bacterial and/or hormonal acne. Blackheads, whiteheads, sebum and dirt can get blocked up in the pores of any age skin, especially teen skin. Throw into the combination hormonal changes and you’ve got a match made for an unwanted disaster. Hormonal changes make teens more prone to acne, but a good skincare care regimen of professional skincare products can have a significant impact on any condition. Proper product selection, determined by a skincare professional evaluation and routine product application is key to achieving the long term benefits of daily skin care. Continue reading

  • Autumn skincare: rhonda allison pumpkin skin product review

    kit04.croppedOne of the best parts of the fall season is pumpkin! Many of the wonderful recipes for delectable foods and desserts contain this favorite ingredient. Unknown to many, it’s also great for indulgent, quality skin care. Pumpkin isn't just edible, it also has amazing benefits, when applied topically. With nourishing properties, pumpkin contains a list of essential skincare components that are great for overall skin rejuvenation.

    So, what is it in Pumpkin based skincare products, especially in the Rhonda Allison line, that is so supportive and beneficial for routine skin care? Pumpkin contains a natural enzyme, which gently exfoliates away dead surface cells, revealing a smoother skin texture. The natural enzymes in pumpkin skin products provide a safe and effective way for users to increase skin cell turnover, without the harsh effects of more invasive methods, such as chemical peels or other procedures. Phytonutrients, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and specific Antioxidants, help to nourish the skin, while increasing cellular rejuvenation.

    The Rhonda Allison Skincare Pumpkin Collection contains pumpkin and other key elements, like botanicals, that provide effective results, when combined. All of the products have an incredible aroma that releases the senses into an appealing state, created by this unique scent of autumn.

    Rhonda Allison Skincare Pumpkin collection contains a luxurious, popular Pumpkin Cleanser that not only smells divine, it also leaves skin with no residue, which feels incredibly clean. It’s one of Rhonda Allison’s biggest sellers.

    The Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Rinse helps to hydrate and tone, while it balances PH levels and evens skin tone. It works well, in combination with the Pumpkin cleanser.

    The Rhonda Allison Pumpkin E Serum encourages skin nourishment and hydration, while providing the body with powerful antioxidants and skin regenerating support.

    Finally, the Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme Mask is a wonderful, effective, weekly use treatment that smells just like pumpkin pie. This great mask product gently exfoliates away dead surface cells, quickly revealing healthier and brighter looking skin.

    The Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Collection and the individual Pumpkin products, which are produced in larger containers are available at Our Expert Service Esthetician are here to help with any questions on pumpkin skin care, common skin conditions and other skin related concerns.

  • YonKa skincare hydra no. 1

    Hydra N1 - 02 (1)YonKa Skincare has a fantastic new line of skincare products that encourage deep hydration, along with powerful anti aging benefits. This new line is called YonKa Hydra No. 1. The products were developed, combining a blend of their popular Quintessence ingredients with other highly effective skin hydrating ingredients. Imperata Cylindrica and Hyaluronic Acid encourage moisture retention within the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin tissue. This introduction to new and innovative products comes at the perfect time, just before the harsh and dry winter months that can leave skin parched.

    The Yonka Hydra No. 1 line contains (3) three new products, made with specific skin conditions in mind. They aid skin in the reduction of dehydration through products that work to improve oily to dry skin and even aging skin conditions.

    YonKa Hydra No. 1 Serum has an activating complex, contained in a gentle gel form that is quickly absorbed in the skin. It helps to maintain the function of the skin's protective barrier, while it regulates and maintains essential water levels. This promotes smooth and supple skin, as a result. The YonKa No. 1 Serum is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types and can be combined to use under other YonKa skin creams.

     YonKa Hydra No. 1 Creme helps to replenish and protect the barrier of the skin. It creates and promotes a limit of moisture evaporation for constant hydration. The added ingredients of shea butter and hazelnut oil, help to comfort sensitive skin or rosacea effected skin. Its ability to replenish the dermis with water holding molecules, allows the skin to be balanced and plump. Properly hydrating skin has a tremendous impact on the daily battle to fight the signs of aging.

    YonKa Hydra No. 1 Fluide is designed to help balance oily skin with hydration, while leaving skin with a pleasing matte finish. It has the ability to boost skin hydration throughout the day, without leaving an unwanted shine or oily residue. It’s perfect for wearing under make up and it allows the skin to have a radiant glow.

    The experienced skincare research and development team at YonKa Laboratories in France have done it again. The new Hydra No. 1 line provides users with powerful, real skin improving results.

    Skin Trends Expert Service Estheticians are here to help you find the right Yon Ka Hydra No. 1 products for your particular skin type. Contact us today.


  • New: osmosis skincare catalyst AC-11

    catalyst_ac11_30mlInnovative and smart, as always, Osmosis Skincare has taken one of their best skin care products and they’ve formulated it with AC-11. (cat’s claw) In addition, this Osmosis Catalyst Serum still contains the fundamental core component that has driven the product to proven’s Zinc Finger Technology.

    So what is so special about this new formulation? What makes it different from Catalyst and Catalyst Plus?

    AC-11 has been tested and proven to repair DNA on a cellular level. This incredible ingredient helps the body improve skin DNA repair by 33%. Combine that with a higher concentration of Zinc Finger Technology and this formula becomes an extremely potent anti aging and corrective serum. Catalyst repairs the epidermis and the dermis with high intensity, giving skin tissue the proper support needed to rebuild it’s foundation. In this process, collagen is stimulated, so aging skin becomes more firm, while undesirable dark spots and skin pigmentation complications are corrected. Even small skin tags can be removed with regular use of this highly potent serum.

    Additionally, Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 is an astonishing serum that even has the ability to heal scar tissue. The product remodels skin tissue with consistent use, so that over time, old stubborn scars are slowly diminished. That’s the incredible power of skin correcting Catalyst with AC-11! Continue reading

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