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  • Image skincare iluma line of lightening skincare products

    iluma 2Last Thursday, March 13th, IMAGE Skincare launched ILUMA™ - an entirely new line for the IMAGE Skincare lineup - and gave a chic makeover to the packaging for all IMAGE products. While the logo gives an overall sleek, modern look to IMAGE itself, your favorite products are still just as incredible. Continue reading

  • Fight skin aging & dark spots with SPF rated UV sunscreens

    78491882Protecting your skin with a high quality, UV protecting sunscreen is important at all times of the year. Sunscreen protection with a high SPF rating is an essential component in the ongoing fight to decrease your risk of skin cancer. Regular use of professional products prevents skin tissue from the break down that is typically caused by UV damage. Long term exposure to UV rays can accelerate the aging process in the skin, causing the fiber networks in elastin fibers to break down more quickly, which can result in overly abundant wrinkles and sagging skin. Another possible skin condition that can be caused by sun exposure is Hyperpigmentation. In this dreaded condition, Melanin rises to the surface when the skins epidermis layer responds to a lack of protection. This process creates dark spot and/or patches on the skin, causing sufferers to have an uneven, blotchy complexion. Continue reading

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