Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Hydramucine

    gmG.M. Collin, a pioneer in the professional skincare world, uses a highly advanced technology that blends the powers of natural ingredients and science to provide the most effective skin care products available. Not only will these products enhance the beauty of your skin, they’ll also protect your skin’s health and provide overall radiant complexion. Continue reading

  • Cupcakes and Crow’s Feet

    me21You’re enjoying a fun-filled afternoon with friends -- shopping, mani/pedis and a cupcake from the local bakery to top things off. No worries about keeping the sugar off your waistline; everyone pledges to do a few extra “burn-off” miles on the treadmill. But what can you do about the sugar that’s going straight to your crow’s feet? Continue reading

  • ViVe naturals

    Vive_LogoViVe Naturals, an environmentally friendly, all-natural skincare line, is intended to revitalize your hair and skin. A company that prides itself on what Mother Nature has to offer, ViVe Naturals uses 100 percent, all-natural ingredients to produce proven results for skin correction and hair rejuvenation. Continue reading

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