At Home Cupid's Kiss Valentine Facial

unnamedAt SkinTrends Day Spa, trained, licensed estheticians create relaxing  spa experiences for clients with seasonal specialty facials that also encourage our clients world-wide to pamper themselves in the luxury and comfort of their homes.

The Cupid’s Kiss Valentine’s Facial, offered at SkinTrends Spa, features professional-grade skin care products that infuse the skin with luscious chocolate, soothing milk and the heavenly scent of roses.

The first step in Cupid’s Kiss starts with Rhonda Allison’s Gentle Milk Plus With Probiotics. The Probiotics, derived from Yogurt Extract stimulate collagen while balancing and infusing vitamins into the skin. This alkaline pH formulation fights bacteria that can clog pores, is ideal for removing makeup without stripping the skin and is perfect for all skin types.

Step two of Cupid’s Kiss home regimen incorporates Phytomer’s Rose Visage Toning Cleansing Lotion. The Rose Visage Cleansing Lotion removes makeup residue, dirt and oil while balancing the skin’s pH. This alcohol-free formulation, infused with Rose Water, leaves skin incredibly soft and hydrated with its relaxing toning ability.

Cupid’s Kiss third treatment incorporates Rhonda Allison’s Cherry Jubilee Enzyme, designed to rebuild the skin from free radical damage with potent antioxidants, while it regenerates skin cells. The aroma of incredible cherry and the properties of polyphenols provide optimal anti-aging benefits, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Rhonda Allison’s Cherry Jubilee Enzyme eats away dead skin cells leaving dull and tired skin with refined skin texture and glowing complexion. It can be used up to three times a week to encourage cellular turnover and give ample hydration. 

The next step is Rhonda Allison Skincare Chocolate Mask. With the luscious enticement of chocolate, it is a creamy treatment mask designed to nurture and repair the skin. With antioxidant benefits that rebuild the skin tissue, this indulgent mask provides the skin with healthy ingredients that sooth and heal.  Rhonda Allison’s Chocolate Mask can be used three to four times a week to replenish skin’s hydration levels. The Rhonda Allison Gentle Milk Plus can be mixed with the Chocolate Mask to create a decadent whipped cream mask that calms and moisturizes.

Complete your at-home pampering facial with Epicuren Discovery Bulgarian Rose Otto. In a moisturizing blend of nutritious oils of Rose, Apricot, Avocado and Grape Seed, this humectant  blend protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Dry skin is supple and soft and the infusion of Rose Oil softens wrinkles, for a smooth, youthful complexion. 

The final step in your at-home pampering session is the Epicuren Rose Petal After Bath. The scent of roses, the Epicuren Rose Petal After Bath wraps the body in luxurious hydration with an emollient formulation, moisturizing rough areas of the body, such as elbows and knees.  Whether receiving a hand massage in your treatment room while the chocolate mask envelops your face, or apply as a body moisturizer after a relaxing bubble bath, this Rose Petal Moisturizer leaves the skin silky-soft and glowing. Cupid’s Kiss is a wonderful all-encompassing treatment to spoil yourself with all the luxuries of a spa in the comfort of your home.

You can pamper yourself or someone special this Valentine's Day, with top rated skin care products offered at A romantic experience with radiant results for the skin.