Naturally evolving skincare: Epicuren® discovery

546995_574664189258963_1070889277_nSkin Trends proudly introduces Epicuren® Discovery, the newest addition to the Skin Trends lineup. Founded in 1982, Epicuren® Discovery created its own niche - the perfect harmony of botanical ingredients and next level technology for clinical strength skincare. The 'discovery' in the brand name comes from Epicuren® Discovery's pride in constant progress, always seeking new ingredients and technology to make the best products. The last 32 years have seen Epicuren® Discovery evolve from one physician's inspiration to a world renowned line of effective, natural skincare products.  

Epicuren® Discovery offers a truly unique approach to anti-aging, using the most advanced biotechnology to bring professional results without the need for invasive methods or unwanted side effects. Epicuren® Discovery products ensure that every aspect of the skin - texture, tone, firmness, and elasticity - undergoes dramatic improvements. By preventing and controlling common skin concerns like acne and sun spots, Epicuren® Discovery offers a comprehensive skincare regime for every skin type.  

The heart of Epicuren® Discovery lies in the Metadermabolic Enzyme Trio, which entails the first 3 steps of every Epicuren® Discovery regime. Found only in the lining of the mouth and heart, Metadermabolic Enzymes constantly regenerate skin cells, explaining why the skin found in these two places never ages. Inspired by research into the effects of pharmaceutical enzymes on burn victims, Epicuren® Discovery founder Robert Heiman sought to harness the powers of these enzymes for the treatment and prevention of premature aging in the skin.  

Epicuren® Discovery seeks to correct and slow visible signs of aging in the skin by addressing the more common causes of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun damage. The 'Inflammatory Cascade,' which Epicuren® Discovery identifies as a root cause of premature aging, describes how inflammatory responses within the body cause the degradation of collagen and elastin. Oxidation, another common culprit, occurs when Free Radicals damage the DNA of a cell, which then leads to a host of skincare problems.  

When added to a solution of B Vitamins, the Metadermabolic Enzyme produced a 'smart' protein - that is, a protein designed to communicate with human cells. The Metadermabolic Enzyme Protein Complex helps avoid the domino effect of Free Radical damage and the Inflammatory Cascade by delivering potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories deep into the skin for optimal anti-aging.

Epicuren® Discovery created a first of its kind solution for even the most traumatized skin with the introduction of the Metadermabolic Enzyme Protein Complex. Allowing for total skin rejuvenation without harsh chemicals, the Metadermabolic Enzyme Protein Complex improves the health and appearance of the skin. By avoiding any further damage or inflammation to the skin, Epicuren® Discovery's Metadermabolic Enzyme Trio provides lasting results.  

To see this skincare miracle yourself, start with the Metadermabolic Enzyme Trio, treatment serum of your choice, and an Epicuren® Discovery sunscreen. Whether looking to dramatically improve the condition of your skin or to simply continue looking younger for many years to come, look no further than the complete line of Epicuren® Discovery products at