Skin Regimen Modern Plant Chemistry for Urban Living

Skin Regimen is it's own brand, created by Comfort Zone Skincare . Owned by the family run company, Davines, a pioneer in the cosmetic industry, developed Skin Regimen for urban, fast paced living. Within a hectic lifestyle, skincare is even more prevalent to maintain healthy and more youthful skin.

Skin Regimen has a unique approach to an everyday treatment, a customized skin care routine with boosters, to achieve desired results, as well as preventative measures to slow the aging process. Daily life, especially city dweller, are exposed to environmental toxins, these free radicals attack skin cells and increase aging. Everyday pollution of the skin can leave a dull and dehydrated complexion. Inflammation is another factor as well as glycation, these cellular breakdowns eventually destroy collagen and elastin, leaving skin with loss of elasticity.

Skin Regimen has invented the longevity complex, Modern Plant Chemistry™ that is specifically formulated to target aggressors on accelerated aging. These formulations are free of any synthetics and made with natural ingredients. A custom blend of essential oils, Juniper, Rosewood, Cedarwood and Copahu, that provides an aromatherapy of grounding and rebalancing elements. Modern Plant Chemistry™ also consists botanicals and natural extracts that restore skin to optimal health.

The Longevity Complex™ consists of a complex Wild Indigo, which reduces inflammation; Maquai Berry, a potent antioxidant to fight free radicals; Spinach and Carnosine, rich in peptides and folic acid, is anti glycation. Rich in vitamins that nourish the skin, reducing fatigue and providing intensive revitalization. Based on a 28 day regimen, complete with Skin Regimen products and incorporating the Mindful Massage ritual Longetivity™ facial, skin has been clinically proven to improve and reduce the stress response.

The complete line of Skin Regimen products consists of Prepare: a daily cleanser, a gentle foaming cream that removes residue of pollution, make up, dirt and oil. Recharge: MicroAlgae Essence is an energizing lotion of concentrated nourishment that illuminates the skin. Correct; A tripeptide cream that is an age defense moisturizer that can be customized with one of the four boosters. The corrector boosters are: Tulsi Booster, a nourishing protective oil that restores the lipid barrier and also invigorates with potent Ayruvedic antioxidant. Vit C booster is a brightening concentrate of pure L Ascorbic acid to restore a brighter complexion and encourage collagen synthesis, for firmer skin. HA Booster is a concentrate of 3 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to immediately plumps and restores hydration to the skin. A Retinol Booster that is a wrinkle concentrate, and encapsulated retinol that provides stabilized penetration without irritation and increases cellular turnover rate to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Follow any one of the boosters with the cream for maximum results. The night detox mask is a 28 day night treatment that pulls out toxins and de-pollutes the skin while refining texture and providing a more radiant complexion.

Skin Regimen is a functional skincare line designed for everyone in mind, to prevent and reverse the signs of aging and infuse nutrients to sustain a healthy complexion.