Yon-Ka Aroma Fusion

Yon Ka is well known for using essential oils and natural botanicals in their products to rejuvenate and revitalize. The products are made to apply to skin, but they are also made to stimulate the senses. The Aroma Fusion Body Collection is an exceptional group of body products made up of different and unique categories. Each category focuses on producing effective results and four different sensory journeys. An individual collection has it's own exclusive sensory destination and targeted treatments, made for specific areas of the body, creating a harmonious atmosphere for the mind and spirit. Each collection represents a region of France.

A luxurious collection, made with a range of essential oils, including Lavender, Everlasting and Petitgrain. It invigorates through a renewing and detoxifying body treatment. Aroma Fusion Detox is four products, made with the indulgence of Provence, with a focus to revitalize. Phyto Bain is a restorative bath oil that encourages relaxation and well being. Soak in warmth with this aromatic essential oil bath that tones skin. Gommage Doux contains Bamboo and Apricot powder that polishes skin and leaves it smooth and ultra hydrated. A body spray of the Huile Detox stimulates with Chios Resin and Pistacia lentiscous. It promotes drainage, while nourishing skin. An ultra hydrating Lait Hydratant envelopes skin with luxurious hydration. Grape and Sweet Almond oils provide long lasting moisture effects that keeps skin supple and soft.

This is a silhouette blend of Cedar, Cypress and Rosemary that is known for its liposvelt properties. It stimulates the metabolism to release fat cells and toxins, leaving skin texture ultra smooth. Huile Silhouette is a lightweight oil that can be sprayed onto skin and it may be massaged in with circular motions. It encourages a more sculpted figure. The essential oil blend increases the metabolizing effect, which greatly improves the appearance of uneven skin. The light and invigorating scent will take you on a journey through French forests and it is incredibly refreshing.

The enriching vitality of Mandarin and Sweet Orange balances and it helps to alleviate stress through an uplifting fragrance. The Gommage Sucre, a unique body sugar scrub, is enriched with both white and brown sugar. It is applied first as a dry scrub, then its dampened to release a melting effect that turns into a milky and luxurious melting scrub. Its also Enriched with Sunflower oils, which softens and nourishes skin, while ridding skin of any rough texture, so it is left smooth. Creme Mains is a treatment cream that envelopes skin with a protective barrier made for the hands. The treatment relieves dry, chapped hands and it creates a silky smooth surface that locks in hydration.

An alluring and relaxing blend of Tiare Flower and Jasmine. This is a delicate, yet very floral blend that promotes a delicate and refreshing atmosphere. Gommage Sucre is a brown and white sugar body scrub that smoothes skin and turns into a milky texture that melts over the skin. The gentle exfoliant leaves skin texture supple and soft, while enveloping skin with a soft floral fragrance. Huile Delicieuse is a beauty oil, made for both the hair and body. Its a lightweight oil that is quickly absorbed. It leaves skin and hair incredibly nourished with a lovely floral fragrance.

Each collection of the Aroma Fusion will indulge through sensory journeys that are made to produce results. Yon Ka comes through again with an array of fun, relaxation and rejuvenation focused skin care products.