Youngblood natural mineral make up

YB LogoWhen it comes to skin care, an improved appearance is not simply the result of applying professional grade cleansers, serums and sunscreens . Quality, high end cosmetics that utilize nature's ability to enhance beauty are a must, as well. Cosmetics are to be utilized in enhancing beauty, in addition to their part in promoting excellent skin health. Many lower priced makeup products are comedogenic. Comedogenic (pore clogging) make up can plug up pores, cause acne and even irritate the skin. High quality, mineral make up utilizes specific ingredients that do not suffocate the skin. Some fine mineral makeup ingredients even encourage healing. That's where innovative mineral makeup from YOUNGBLOOD Cosmetics come into play.


YB FACE 2Youngblood Mineral Make Up started with the development of products that perfect the complexion with natural ingredients. People with severe skin conditions and traumatized skin issues, normally cannot tolerate topical make up application. Pauline Youngblood, founder, president and medical aesthetician, specifically developed her mineral cosmetic line to help clients who suffer from life changing skin conditions, but she still wanted her products to enhance a users natural beauty. Her formulations were created with knowledgeable chemists that had a focus on creating a cosmetic line that could be applied to sensitive, even raw/inflamed skin, without causing irritation. Develop quality, colorful, non irritating products, using natural ingredients was Pauline’s mission from the start. Years later, the complete YOUNGBLOOD Cosmetic line is available in an array of realistic tones to match the skin and shades that encourage an irritation free, flawless, natural look.

yb lip glossToday, quality is still the hallmark of YOUNGBLOOD Cosmetics. The company develops and distributes a wide variety of color palettes, made for all skin tones. The line doesn't just offer users a great variety of natural hues and tones, they even have many unique textures to choose from. Foundation are available in powder, cream or cream to powder formulations. Eyeshadow is available in crushed mineral form, or pressed mineral form, in a variety of gorgeous colors. Blush is available in cream, pressed and crushed minerals. Crushed mineral blush may also be applied as eyeshadow. The complete line of YOUNGBLOOD Cosmetic products range from natural mineral bronzers and lip gloss to mascara and more.

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