Athena Cosmetics, the manufacturer of popular eyelash and eyebrow growth cosmetics, utilizes unique, groundbreaking technology to produce the most effective hair-enhancement treatment available. ReGenesis is truly a complete, results-oriented hair-treatment system developed to actively improve fine/thinning hair and related scalp issues.

The system incorporates a signature ingredient formulation of Athena Cosmetics' BioPeptin Complex. The complex contains fortifying peptides, encased in their RevitaSome technology. This technology creates an environment of highly effective hair care, provided through a dual-phase, time-released method. This advanced science targets the concerns of thinning, fragile hair and even low-density areas, encouraging significant hair rejuvenation.

The ReGenesis Hair Enhancement System contains daily hair care products, which consists of a first-step Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner. These products work together to protect and nourish your hair and scalp in a sulfate-free formulation.

The second step consists of the Core Volumizing Enhancers, which are two key products that also contain the BioPeptin Complex and RevitaSome Technology. The Micro Targeting Spray and the Fast Absorbing Foam are mild enough for daily use. Both products are specifically designed to enhance the volume of hair. The Spot Serum Anti Breakage & Scalp and the Detox Hair & Scalp Masque both target specific areas on the scalp to encourage the growth of thicker hair in hair-thinning zones. These Specialized Concern targeting products combine to complete the ReGenesis system.

Athena Cosmetics is commited to producing clinically tested, advanced products made with allergy-tested, non-irritating formulations that naturally condition hair. As a breast cancer affiliate, Athena Cosmetics is committed to its philanthropic support of the American Breast Cancer Society.

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ReGenesis- advanced hair growth treatment

Athena Cosmetics is a prominent, respected cosmetics company that has built its brand around eyelash, eyebrow and hair enhancement/growth products. Up until now, company primary research and development has been spent on their Revitalash line of specially formulated eyebrow and eyelash enhancers, as well as mascaras. The Revitalash line also includes their popular Hair Advanced hair volume enhancer. Athena has now improved and expanded their hair enhancing products to include their new ReGenesis line. ReGenesis products are scientifically formulated to address and improve fine hair or thinning hair problems. The ReGenesis multi step line of products are specifically formulated with their BioPeptide...

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