Comfort Zone's BODY STRATEGIST + tones the body with specifically formulated ingredients that target body issues in need of remodeling and/or reshaping. The Body Strategist line of products are dedicated to creating a slimming and draining action for smoother skin that's noticeable after just one application.

The product line is made up of an incredible and synergistic blend of ingredients that effectively work on unwanted cellulite. It utilizes an exclusive complex in the Body Strategist body treatment formula, known as the Cosmoperine ™blend.  Cosmoperine is a specialty blend, derived from black pepper, an active ingredient that increases product absorption and penetration, that provides increased circulation in the skin. The Cosmoperine ™ is a blend of caffeine, carnitine and other stimulating components that activate quickly in skin tissue. The ingredients work synergistically to reduce adipose deposits (fatty tissue) over time.

 Comfort Zone Skincare has created this exclusive complex to address the concerns of cellulite, toning, firming and tightening of the skin. It enhances the look and feel of skin as it works, with consistent use, to improve overall skin health. 

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