SKIN REGIMEN represents a line of Comfort Zone products and a complete lifestyle for total rejuvenation inside and out. SKIN REGIMEN takes a combination approach to anti-aging efforts by combating major youth offenders: Oxidation, Inflammation, Methylation, and Glycation. While this may sound like a tedious routine to put together, the scientists at Comfort Zone have created SKIN REGIMEN, a line that addresses each of these issues.

The best way to combat Oxidation is with Anthocyanin, which Comfort Zone's SKIN REGIMEN provides in the form of MaquiBerry. Omega-3s tackle inflammation, explaining why Chia Seed Oil appears in every Comfort Zone SKIN REGIMEN product. Vitamin B9 regulates Methylation, while Vitamins B1 and B6  keep Glycation in check. Avocado and Quinoa contain high concentrations of these three vitamins, explaining this duo's constant presence throughout Comfort Zone's SKIN REGIMEN.

By attacking aging from all angles, Comfort Zone's SKIN REGIMEN creates a balanced and complete anti-aging system for every skin type.

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Comfort zone skin regimen

[comfort zone]’s Skin Regimen is an advanced skin care line which focuses on deactivating aging and activating longevity. [comfort zone] relied on its multi-disciplinary team of scientists, doctors, anti-aging and nutritional experts to create a program that addresses the four primary causes of aging: inflammation, glycation, oxidation and methylation. Each product in Skin Regimen provides innovative and functional ingredients with productive results. The Skin Regimen line consists of restructuring nutricosmetic ingredients (nutritional supplements which purport to support the function and the structure of the skin) to revive depleted skin as it provides protection.[comfort zone]’s Skin Regimen is based on an...

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