Crystal Peel™

Crystal Peel™ home microdermabrasion products are easy to use and effective. The company's patented, physician-endorsed products are designed for home use because they're safe and and gentle on all skin types ... even sensitive skin. The products, made for men and women, are a great start to any skincare regimen. We love Crystal Peel™!

Crystal Peel™ was developed by formulation chemist Lynn Lucka. The unique and high-quality microdermabrasion products were created for private-label purposes or use by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and spas. The popularity of the products led to the creation of the Crystal Peel™ brand. Crystal Peel™ products have been praised for years by industry publications and doctors for their ability to aid in all skin condition treatments, such as anti-aging, acne, skin discoloration and even cellulite reduction. 

The main focus of Crystal Peel™ is skin exfoliation. Without proper skin exfoliation, other product treatments or applications are hindered from being totally effective. Crystal Peel™ develops a variety of skin-exfoliation products that serve different purposes in this vital step of any skincare regimen. Crystal Peel™ uses only very high-quality, mostly natural ingredients to effectively treat and improve most skin conditions.

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