Epicuren® Discovery creams offer the same benefits and high concentration of active ingredients found in Epicuren® Discovery serums with a deeply moisturizing base. A nighttime product that brings the full regimen to the next level, Epicuren® Discovery creams provide a protective seal over the Epicuren® Discovery serum for optimized anti-aging benefits while you sleep. Epicuren® Discovery offers rich balms for super dry, irritated or compromised skin, heavy creams for dry and aging skin, and even gel creams for oily and acne-prone skin.

What really set Epicuren® Discovery creams apart from the competition are the uncommon botanicals used – SPF-boosting Honeysuckle, cooling and refreshing Water Lily, naturally firming Sausage Tree and free-radical-scavenging Oolong Tea. With such an array of powerful, high-tech ingredients, you can't go wrong selecting the perfect Epicuren® Discovery cream.

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