The collection of exfoliants is where Epicuren® Discovery starts to get a bit more complex, and with good reason. Skin cells constantly turn over and grow anew. The old, dead skin cells are sent to the very surface in the process of renewal. While the body sloughs naturally, it needs extra help in removing all of the muck from your skin. If the dead skin cells are allowed to just hang out on your face, the yummy benefits of Epicuren® Discovery serums and correctives are wasted. This is where regular use of an Epicuren® Discovery exfoliant comes into play.

Epicuren® Discovery is all about customizing the skincare regimen, and their array of exfoliants continues this theme. With that in mind, we have broken down the Epicuren® Discovery exfoliant options to help make product selection a little easier, grouping the exfoliants as Enzymes, Scrubs, and Fruit Acids.

Enzymes: Epicuren® Discovery enzymes are perfect for sensitive and dry skin types. While certainly a welcome luxury for every skin type, Epicuren® Discovery enzymes are perfect for delicate skin as they gently dissolve dead cells on the surface, enhancing the results of the Epicuren® Discovery regime. These enzymes are combined with gentle fruit acids to ensure an even exfoliation, while essential oils and botanical extracts condition and soothe the skin for a healthy glow.

Scrubs: Epicuren® Discovery scrubs are great for oily, combination and normal skin types. What sets Epicuren® Discovery scrubs apart from the damaging mechanical exfoliants found in drugs stores is how the actual particles are shaped. The particles used in Epicuren® Dscovery scrubs are ground and then polished, meaning no sharp, jagged edges and no microscopic cuts on the skin’s surface. Combined with conditioning Essential Oils and nourishing Botanical Extracts, these particles come together to make an elegant scrub like no other for out-of-this-world exfoliation.

Fruit Acids: Epicuren® Discovery fruit acid exfoliants are the best bet for oil, acne-prone, and combination skin types. While the word "acid" sounds a little intense, Epicuren® Discovery uses gentle acids from fruits and plants to help gently break apart the cement that holds the skin’s cells together – desmosomes – allowing for the dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin to be sloughed away. In the process of exfoliating, fruit acids simultaneously correct and repair existing skin issues like acne and sun damage



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