A toner is so much more than a toner in the world of Epicuren® Discovery. By balancing the pH level of the skin, depositing vital nutrients, gently exfoliating and enhancing the anti-aging properties of the complete regimen, Epicuren® Discovery toners are an essential second step in the program. As with other products in the line, Epicuren® Discovery toners are all-natural products with surprising (and effective) ingredients: Biotin (cell regeneration), Bearberry (brightening), Avocado (moisturizing), Niacin (anti-aging), Colostrum (immune defense), and Evening Primrose (acne-fighting).

The Epicuren® Discovery toner is used after cleansing, but before the Epicuren® Discovery serum or corrective product. Additionally, the Epicuren® Discovery mists may be used throughout the day for needed refreshment (try keeping the Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist in the refrigerator!). If you're using the Epicuren® Discovery Metadermabolic Enzyme Trio, a refreshing mist may certainly be used throughout the day, but shouldn't replace the Skin Conditioner Enzyme Toner.

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