ILUMA™ Intense Lightening

ILUMA™  products gently brighten even the most stubborn sun spots and melasma. Using Vectorize® Technology to deliver time-released encapsulated lightening ingredients, ILUMA™ Skincare products are designed to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation.

ILUMA™ doesn't stop at lightening, incorporating botanical extracts, plant-derived stem cells and peptides to brighten and tighten aging skin.

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Image skincare iluma line of lightening skincare products

Last Thursday, March 13th, IMAGE Skincare launched ILUMA™ - an entirely new line for the IMAGE Skincare lineup - and gave a chic makeover to the packaging for all IMAGE products. While the logo gives an overall sleek, modern look to IMAGE itself, your favorite products are still just as incredible. A few classic items have found a new home in ILUMA™ – the Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum is now ILUMA™ Intense Lightening Serum; Ageless Total Skin Bleaching Serum is now ILUMA™ Intense Bleaching Serum; and Ageless Total Rejuvenating Hand Crème SPF 15 is now ILUMA™™ Intense Brightening Hand Crème SPF...

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