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Skin Regimen is a professional skincare brand created by the Davines Group, a family owned business. The brand is a division of its reputable owner Comfort Zone Skincare. Years of experience in product formulation and the success of the Skin Regimen line lead Comfort Zone in the direction of separating and expanding the Skin Regimen line into its own full fledged brand. The exclusive new line up of high grade products were created and developed by Dr. Bollati, who founded the Davines group back in 1983 in Parma, Italy. Formulated with the patented Modern Plant ChemistryTM and The Longevity ComplexTM ,, the Skin Regimen brand has been designed and formulated to address the lifestyle of urban living, by utilizing detoxification as an essential method of promoting glowing, beautiful skin. Modern Plant Chemistry is composed of highly concentrated ingredients, made from botanicals, specifically formulated to invigorate the skin. The Longevity Complex is focused around lifestyle aging. It reduces inflammation, oxidation, glycation and the breakdown of cellular function. The customized products address concerns with fatigue, stressed complexion, dullness and anti aging. Each booster is made up of a concentrate of ingredients specifically formulated to target different skin conditions. Nourishing ingredients encourage plumping of fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing hydration, skin brightening and cellular turnover rate. With regular use, overall skin complexion and skin health can be vastly improved by the condition improving components of the Skin Regimen brand.

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  1. SKIN REGIMEN Cleansing Cream Anti Pollution Face Wash
    Price: $40.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Cleansing Cream Anti Pollution Face Wash

    150 ML (5 oz) A daily gentle cream to foam cleanser designed to remove dirt, oil, make up and toxins from pollution. Ideal for those living in urban areas or for a gentle daily detox. Formulated with the Longevity Complex, a blend of natural botanicals of Wild Indigo, Maquai Berry and Spinach. It infuses the skin with nutrients, while reversing the negative effects of oxidation. It also effectively deep cleanses the skin without stripping, promoting balance. Use daily to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. Has an enticing and grounding aroma. Can be used by all skin types except sensitive conditions. Learn More
  2. SKIN REGIMEN HA Booster Hydra Plumping Concentrate
    Price: $115.00

    SKIN REGIMEN HA Booster Hydra Plumping Concentrate

    25 ML A highly concentrated complex, comprised of differentiated weights of Hyaluronic acid, micro, macro and cross linked molecules. This will provide intensive hydration and volumization, enhancing and encouraging more supple and firm skin. Water is locked into the threshold of the skin tissue, increasing reparative benefits and decreasing dehydration. Boosters are applied directly after cleansing and application of Microalgae illuminating lotion to immediately plump fine lines and reduce TEWL. (trans epidermal water loss) Apply moisturizer, as needed, after booster is applied. Recommended for tired, stressed and dehydrated skin types and for plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Learn More
  3. SKIN REGIMEN Lift Eye Cream
    Price: $70.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Lift Eye Cream

    15 ML (.5 oz) A quick absorbing eye cream, made with the anti stress Longevity Complex that revives the eye area. Caffeine improves circulation and stimulates to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. Natural botanical extracts increase collagen synthesis to firm and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The revitalizing formulation is suitable to apply to the upper eye lid, specifically on delicate areas to lift sagging skin. Can be applied as needed during the day to revive tired and puffy eyes. Learn More
  4. SKIN REGIMEN Microalgae Essence Energizing Illuminating Lotion
    Price: $75.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Microalgae Essence Energizing Illuminating Lotion

    100 ML (.34 oz) An invigorating concentrated lotion in a lightweight serum formulation that energizes the skin. A complex of superfoods nourish the skin and increase the production of cellular ATP. Microalgae locks in hydration levels in the skin and prevents trans epidermal water loss, while reinforcing the skins barrier. Revitalizes fatigued skin and provides a more refreshed looking complexion. Assists with anti glycation, which accelerates aging in the skin, by utilizing a patented Longevity Complex. Learn More
  5. SKIN REGIMEN Night Detox Overnight Pro Vitality Mask
    Price: $95.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Night Detox Overnight Pro Vitality Mask

    50 ML (1.69 oz) A leave on cream night mask that stimulates the detoxification process in the skin to eliminate accumulated toxins. The light texture envelopes the skin in a balancing aroma, as it is massaged in. Poly Hydroxy Gluconolactone increases skin cellular turnover rate, as it smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Use every night for the first 28 days as a detox cleanse for the skin, then it can be used bi weekly or every few months to remove the build up of everyday toxins. Learn More
  6. SKIN REGIMEN Retinol Booster Wrinkle Concentrate
    Price: $115.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Retinol Booster Wrinkle Concentrate

    25 ML An encapsulated Retinol with stability that provides the best results and for maximum efficacy. Addresses concerns with wrinkles to increase collagen and to revitalize the skin. The complexion is much more renewed and even the complexion is much more revitalized. The encapsulated formulation shows tolerability for less reaction and sensitivity to the retinol. Learn More
  7. SKIN REGIMEN TriPeptide Cream
    Price: $105.00

    SKIN REGIMEN TriPeptide Cream

    50 ML (1.69 oz) A lightweight cooling cream that absorbs with intense hydration, while enhancing balance. The antioxidant and anti glycation actions of the Longevity Complex reduce stress on that skin caused by and intensified by daily toxins. Dandelion Extract detoxifies the skin from pollution and reduces inflammation, while enhancing skin luminosity. Collagen synthesis and firming action is encouraged by Tripeptide-5, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. A daily invigorating cream that will reduce the effects of environmental toxins that can accelerate the aging process by encouraging healthier more radiant skin. Recommended for all skin types and can be customized with the Skin Regimen Boosters. Learn More
  8. SKIN REGIMEN Tulsi Booster Nourishing Plumping Oil
    Price: $115.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Tulsi Booster Nourishing Plumping Oil

    25 ML A concentrated Ayurvedic oil that nourishes the skin while enhances healthier skin. Has antioxidant protection to fight off free radical damage that can accelerate the aging process. Restores the lipid barrier and ensures proper hydration and nutrients for more radiant and vibrant skin. Learn More
  9. SKIN REGIMEN Vit C Booster Brightening Concentrate
    Price: $115.00

    SKIN REGIMEN Vit C Booster Brightening Concentrate

    25 ML A Vitamin C Concentrate in a stabilized formulation, increases the skin's metabolism, protects from free radical damage and increases collagen synthesis. Vitamin C also restore vitality and brightens a dull complexion. Skin will have a more even tone and bighter complexion. Also effective on discolorations. Learn More

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