Culture and Values

At Skin Trends, we take our work seriously, but we always have a great time doing it. We believe that life is too short to be content with just working and living. We believe you should love what you do to truly be happy. Life is a harmonious balance of work, play and family. We employ people who love skincare, but more importantly, we employ people who love to help others improve their quality of life. These shared qualities join us and drive us everyday …

Our Core Values

  • Be serious about what you do, but relax and have fun while you do it.
  • Offer service that exceeds your expectations.
  • Live for today, but keep moving forward.
  • Keep learning and listening, and stay open-minded
  • A team spirit bring us together, but excelling individuality drives us.
  • Offer expert knowledge, combined with great value, and prosperity will follow.
  • Love what you do and smile while you do it.

Stay out of your comfort zone and never give up … one day at a time!