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Day Spa Body Treatments


Our body treatments are like a luxurious facial, except it affects your entire body. These treatments facilitate rejuvenation and revitalization for your body, in addition to inducing/promoting beneficial relaxation. A re-mineralizing self heating marine mud treatment, a great method of detoxification, expels toxins from your body, while infusing you with vital nutrients from the marine-based ingredients. Marine mud body treatments increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, which can provide visible results, by toning and sculpting your body. Body scrubs, another treatment available and necessary, sloughs away dead skin buildup to reveal smooth, polished skin.

After your body has been scrubbed down and warm towels remove the body polish, the treatment concludes, as an emollient rich body cream is massaged with specific movements and techniques that increase your level of relaxation. These body treatments can be done as a single experience or added to facials, for a more reviving head-to-toe experience that will leave your skin glowing and radiant.

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Skin Regimen Body Scrub  


Comfort Zone

Relax and rejuvenate with Skin Regimen body products that pump nutrition into your skin. Starting off with Skin Regimen’s body scrub, the Chia seeds slough away the buildup of dead skin to reveal smoother and softer skin. The detoxification effect of the body scrub allows for more enhanced product penetration of the body cream, which provides anti-aging benefits. The long movements of the massage, which stimulate and revitalize your body, improve circulation, increase blood flow and feed the skin with natural and nourishing ingredients. After your body has been polished with all-natural ingredients, the application of a rejuvenating body cream, using those same relaxing strokes, induces a satisfying sense of calm, refines your skin’s texture and provides it with a radiant glow. 

Duration: 50 minutes


Phytomer Marine Mud Detox



Phytomer is known worldwide for its exceptional ingredients from the coasts of Britanny, especially its skin-rejuvenating marine-base biotechnology incorporated in all of its products. SkinTrends performs a specialized Phytomer marine-based, self-heating mud pack that’s applied to your back and/or your feet.

When applied to your feet, the mud pack is wrapped in a self-heating foil. Toxins are pulled from your body through the bottoms of your feet while the mud’s minerals infuse your skin with vital nutrients. With the mud pack back treatment, the back absorbs the nutrients of the marine algae and toxins are expelled from your back. The application of the mud feels cool and soothing at first, but warms up after a few minutes to purify your body.

With this treatment, you can re-energize your body and restore essential minerals in one incredible treatment. If you prefer, you can request this treatment for your back, feet or both as an add-on for an incredible detox treatment that revitalizes and invigorates. 

Duration: 55 minutes


Aroma Touch


doTerra Oils

Utilizing doTERRA Essential Oils, the AromaTouch Technique improves your overall well-being and reduces stress through the unique light-touch application of essential oils to your back. The oils are applied along your spine, one of your body’s energy meridians, to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.

This therapeutic and integrative technique uses eight of doTERRA's all-natural essential oils:

  • The first application, to address stress management, uses a blend of Balance and Lavender oils to reduce stress.
  • The second application, designed to support your immune system, incorporates Melaleuca and OnGuard oils into techniques that increase lymphatic drainage and rid your body of unwanted toxins.
  • The third process is the application of a blend of AromaTouch and Deep Blue oils to reduce inflammation and reinforce the lymphatic system’s elimination of toxins from your body.
  • Lastly, Wild Orange and Peppermint oils are applied to your feet in a movement along specific zones and regions that’s similar to reflexology. This movement helps maintain balance and harmony.

A lymphatic rocking movement to help align your body’s energies and increase detoxification efforts concludes the treatment.

This is relaxing aromatherapy-based treatment will leave your olfactory senses just as stimulated as the rest of your body. Drinking plenty of water after this treatment will flush out toxins and leave you feeling better and more relaxed. This can be a standalone treatment, lasting about 45 minutes, or it can be added to any massage or facial service to enhance your overall well-being and improve your state for mind, body and spirit. 

Duration: 40 minutes


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