Skin Trends Exclusive Member Area


Welcome to our exclusive Skin Trends member area. We developed this area for customers who appreciate our great skincare products and the unique level of service and education we provide behind them. As a Skin Trends member, you’ll receive special benefits available only to our members. These benefits start as soon as you sign up and they continue, as long as you remain a member. These special benefits include:

Program Benefits

  • Get Exclusive Member Discount offers on our skin treatment systems and individual products.
  • Ongoing, FREE Esthetician 15-minute consultations and skin improvement reviews.
  • Quarterly billing of your treatment system purchases. Note: Treatment systems will automatically be shipped to you once per quarter and quarterly billing will continue until you cancel your program. Product selection may be changed up to one week before your quarterly shipment is due.
  • Receive FREE samples of the latest professional skin care products introduced by many of our skin care product manufacturers. Note: Samples will be shipped with your quarterly skin care treatment system shipments.

Program Requirements

  • Requires the purchase of one of our exclusive skin treatment systems. Note: To remain in the program, you must allow us to auto ship you a new system quarterly and we will continue to auto-bill you on a quarterly basis for new product purchases.
  • Requires prompt and full payment on your quarterly billing program.
  • Quarterly billing can be billed only on a valid credit card in your name.
  • You must call for product changes a minimum of one week before your quarterly shipment is due. Note: If you cancel your program, you must pay any outstanding amount due on previous product shipments or services.
  • You must provide us with a valid email address for regular communication.

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