Sunscreens (Men)

Sun damage is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer and premature aging. These harmful UVA rays are responsible for most skin cancers, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The sun's harmful UVB rays also cause sunburns and hyperpigmentation. Whether walking to the mailbox, driving to work or taking a the dog for a walk on a cloudy day, the skin is exposed to this dangerous form of radiation.

Every professional-grade skincare product for men is useless if a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun-protection factor, or SPF, of at least 15 isn't worn every day, rain or shine.

The SPF of men's sunscreens range from 15 to 50. When used as directed, sunscreens help prevent skin cancer and and aging skin. Men's professional-grade sunscreens are available in a variety of formulas that can be used by different skin types. Their various anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants also provide additional protection from aging.

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Damaging effects of summer fun in the sun

For the past 3 months we’ve been living it up at the beach..... at the lake.... boating.... camping.... barbecues....having fun with family and friends. Unfortunately, the last thought on our minds has been the need to apply or reapply UV protection. The suns strong rays (radiation) have a huge effect on our skins overall health and long term physical appeal. So, sun protection is critical whether we’re busy or not. That is, if we want to prevent unwanted, unneeded damage to our precious skin. During any exposure to the sun, it is extremely important to wear high quality UV protection skin care...

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