PHYTOMER MORPHO DESIGNER Contouring Crystal Emulsion

PHYTOMER MORPHO DESIGNER Contouring Crystal Emulsion

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150 ml (5 oz.) A three-in-one action skin-sculpting cream that contours, firms and hydrates. Improvements in skin quality and hydration levels in skin tissue are greatly enhanced. Assists in reducing the storage of fat cells with a unique ADIPO-3 oil that also strengthens your skin. Liquid crystals melt into the skin for ample moisture and marine algae energizes with microcirculation, a combination of ingredients improving the skin with a more redefined silhouette.

* Should not be used if pregnant or nursing. Avoid if there is an Iodine sensitivity.

150 ml (5 oz.) Body firming and contouring gel

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Key Ingredients: ADIPO-3 Oil, Halopteris Scoparia, Palmaria Palmata.

On cleansed skin, apply to your stomach and thighs. Massage until completely absorbed.

New Product Launch: Phytomer Morpho Designer Crystal Emulsion

Phytomer Skincare, pioneers among the field of marine cosmetics for 40 years, continues to provide the rich indulgence of marine sea life and earth’s natural ingredients in its professional skincare product lines. Phytomer’s unique approach addressing skin concerns, demonstrates the company’s bio-technology mastery in utilizing high-performance and eco-friendly marine algae, marine micro-organisms and natural ingredients for skin treatments. Guided by science and innovation, Phytomer's research and development team continues to create new products designed to re-think the parameters of traditional skincare. Phytomer’s newest revelation is Moprho Designer Contouring Crystal Emulsion. This luxurious treatment features the unique body-contouring technology of Adipo-3, a...

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