RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (Athena Cosmetics)

RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (Athena Cosmetics)

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3 ml. An eyebrow conditioner that helps enhance and fill in sparse eyebrows. Botanical ingredients and peptides condition and nourish your eyebrows. Easy to use and results can be seen in just four to eight weeks. Clinically reviewed, non-allergenic and non-irritating. Comes in a four-month supply. Product carries a 100 percent guarantee.

3 ml. Eyebrow conditioner/enhancer in a four-month supply.

Product's Review

  1. A Miracle Product for Men, Too!!!! Review by William

    I'm a 65 year old man, and my eyebrows were starting to disappear, almost completely. A few months of RevitaBrow and they came back. Of course, I have to keep using the product on a monthly basis to maintain my eyebrows, but it's worth it!!! People notice and compliment me. I also look younger in photos. (Posted on 12/18/17)

  2. Fabulous Review by Gracelandrn91

    This product is amazing because it does exactly what it claims to do I will continue to buy this product as long as it works (Posted on 11/24/17)

  3. Excellent! Review by Janet

    I received a sample of the RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner with a previous order. My eyebrows are very thin so I decided to try it. The sample lasted quite a long time, but when I would look in the mirror after only a couple of weks I couldn't believe that my eyebrows were actually filling out. I ordered the full size before the sample ran out and use it every morning. It really is an amazing product. I do notice that my eyebrows itch some during the day, but I think it's the new hairs growing in so I don't mind that at all. I am a believer and will keep using it. (Posted on 10/9/17)

  4. Love this product Review by Rina86

    I love revitabrow. I have been using it for several years. I had about half of both my brows devoid of hair. It took about six weeks, and I couldn't believe the hair actually started growing back. Now I have full thick brows again! (Posted on 9/5/17)

  5. Used for only 1 month Review by LibyLou

    My facial tech recommended RevitaBrow Advanced about a month ago. This product really works. Brows are 50% thicker in only 1 month and over tweezed area between brows that never grew back have little hairs sprouting. I'm a believer. (Posted on 8/11/17)

  6. It does work. Review by egee

    I've been using this nightly for about three years and it really does make a difference. My eyebrows have filled in somewhat. The hairs do get longer and that helps to give a fuller appearance. I didn't expect a miracle, just improvement, and that's what I got. (Posted on 7/29/17)

  7. The BEST Review by ltlchef

    I have over-plucked eyebrows and the hair Stopped growing back. I've tried several eyebrow products, and nothing worked until I started using this! Little brow hairs started growing in after a few weeks of using! I will never use anything else! (Posted on 7/15/17)

  8. Outstanding product Review by WorthIt

    My sister bought this for me after I finished chemo and lost my eyebrows. I have used this a few weeks and can actually see the outline of my brows returning, once again. It is gentle and nonirritating to my skin, which is unusual. (Posted on 6/20/17)

  9. Fabulous Review by Corky

    I have been using RevitaBrow for years and it truly is amazing. It is so easy to use it daily, that I hardly think about it. It takes awhile to see results, but well worth the wait. (Posted on 3/4/17)

  10. Unbelievable Review by Susan

    I have been using RevitaBrow Advanced for about 4 months and I am stunned. I have wanted to boost my eyebrows hair which have been non-existent for years. I have tried other products but this was recommended by an eyebrow tech so I purchased it not expecting much. Now I actually have hairs growing in where there were none for years. It may take awhile but I'm will to keep using - it can only get better !! (Posted on 3/1/17)

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Aqua, Disodium Phosphate, Glycerin, Biotin, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphensin, Phosphoric Acid, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide, Butylene Glycol, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Extract, Camelia Oleifera Extract, Triticum Vulgare Germ Protein, Pentylene Glycol, Biotinoyl, Tripeptide-1 and Octapeptide-2.
On cleansed and dried brows, use applicator provided to apply to eyebrows. Apply one layer, once a day.