Rhonda Allison Skincare Clear Relief System Rhonda Allison Skincare Beta Green Tea Cleanser Rhonda Allison Skincare Blemish Serum Rhonda Allison Skincare eZinc Protection Cream Rhonda Allison Skincare Wasabi Mask

Rhonda Allison Skincare Clear Relief System

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An at-home acne treatment system that targets surface bacteria and encourages support of the skin to heal acne lesions and prevent future breakouts. Beta Green Tea Cleanser provides antibacterial support and cleans your skin in preparation for the Blemish Serum to properly treat acne lesions. The Blemish Serum calms inflammation associated with acne. The eZinc protects your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays and other environmental damage. The Wasabi Mask reinforces the acne treatment by utilizing more effective ingredients. Target acne regularly with this once-a-week treatment mask.

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The Clear Relief Clear System contains Beta Green Tea Cleanser (120ml) Blemish Serum (30ml) eZinc Protection Cream (30ml) Wasabi Mask (15ml)

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In the morning and evening, cleanse your skin with the Beta Green Tea Cleanser. Apply to your face. Dampen fingertips and massage for at least two minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry. Apply Blemish Serum during the daytime and apply the eZinc after the Blemish Serum. Apply a thin, even layer of the Wasabi Mask to cleansed skin. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Pat dry.