Skin Trends
"Price Match Plus"

Skin Trends is a different kind of online store. We don’t just sell products! We deliver top-notch skin care service, advice and support through our team of Expert Service Estheticians and professional customer service staff.

Like most businesses, we want every customer we can get. So, we work hard to keep our costs in line, so we can offer the best prices for the best products.

Our normal pricing is reflective of our goal to be competitive, yet profitable. We want to be here to truly offer skilled, dependable service and support. So, we won’t discount to a point that restricts our ability to deliver the service we promise.

With that in mind, we will match the advertised price of any authorized online retailer that offers a product or products that are currently available on our website, Plus, we will discount up to an additional 10 percent of the difference in price on some products/items, for competitive purposes.* 

We do not price match stores/sites that display diverted (gray market) , old, used or fake products such as,,, Walgreens and other major online retailers. See our: Unauthorized Dealer Alert to learn more.

How do I get my price match +?

1)  Chat with us or send us an email at  and include the following information:

Your full name, your phone number, product or products desired, price desired and a link to the store where the product or products are sold/priced for less. Don’t forget to include the difference in cost for shipping.

3)  If approved, one of our Expert Service Representatives will contact you at the phone number provided to process your order by phone at the approved discount.

If your request isn't approved, we'll send you an email explaining the reason for our denial.

   (See below for terms and conditions of this offer)

Terms and conditions of our "price match +" offer

  • In addition to matching an authorized retailer's advertised price, Skin Trends will discount up to an additional 10 percent of the difference in price on approved products, at our sole discretion. Additional discounts, if applicable, will be provided to you in our response to your inquiry by phone.
  • The product must be new, undamaged and sealed in the manufacturer's original packaging.
  • The product must be currently available, marketed and distributed by its manufacturer to all approved vendors.
  • The product price must be advertised on the authorized retailer's website. No email or written price quotes accepted.
  • The product can't be a closeout item.
  • The product can't violate the manufacturer's minimum authorized price policy.
  • Exclusive offers from other retailers don't qualify for this offer.
  • The submitted product's or products' price comparison must be available from a manufacturer-approved, U.S.-based online retailer. Items/prices from auction sites and their affiliated stores or other “gray” marketing distribution won't be approved. This includes sites like, or Amazon's Marketplace vendors.
  • This offer doesn't apply to offers available in a manufacturer's online store. (Some manufacturers offer products directly from their own site.)
  • The submitted purchase difference can't be combined with other Skin site coupons, rewards points or other discount offers.
  • To validate submitted prices, a web link to the online store's advertised product/price must be provided along with the advertiser's shipping and handling fees.
  • In some cases, offers free or discounted shipping. Shipping and handling fee differences between the online store and will be taken into account when calculating the refund amount.
  • reserves the right to decline any or all requests for our "price match +" offer.
  • This offer is valid in the United States and Canada only. 


 If you have any questions or concerns about our "Price Match +" offer, email us at or call our Expert Service Team at (855) 851-1100