Daisy Flower Extract

What is Daisy Flower Extract?

Daisy Flower Extract is a non-toxic extract of the Daisy Flower often used to brighten skin and prevent hyperpigmentation. Daisy Flower Extract has been shown to inhibit the production of tyrosine (an amino acid necessary for the formation of melanin - the skin's own natural color) in the skin by as much as 50 percent while preventing further hyperpigmentation. Daisy Flower Extract, an effective, powerful alternative to Hydroquinone, is safe for even the most sensitive skin types, including pregnant women.

Daisy Flower Extract contains organic acids (tartaric and malic acids, in particular) in higher amounts, making it a valuable ingredient with its lightening and exfoliating properties. The daisy's leaves, which have a history of topical application for healing wounds and serving as compresses, encourage exceptional repair in skin tissue. The extract provides antiseptic properties that can remove bacteria from the surface of the skin, keeping it healthy. Daisy Flower Extract is a great alternative for people who can't tolerate Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid or are pregnant and want to effectively treat hyperpigmentation. 

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