Eyes & Lips (Natural)

Organic and natural products for the eyes are designed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness. Organic lip products and natural lip products aim to hydrate, protect and plumpen the lips.

Organic eye creams and serums will often include chamomile and cucumber to soothe, botanical peptides to help firm the skin, plant-derived stem cells to rejuvenate and even caffeine found in coffee beans to reduce eye-area puffiness. A natural eye cream or serum will use these same botanicals, but may use a harmless synthetic to provide additional benefits.

Organic and natural lip products usually incorporate fruit butters to heal and hydrate the lips, peptides to fill out fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lips, sugar scrubs to exfoliate the lips, and some even use cinnamon and pepper extracts to achieve a temporary tingling sensation that gives an immediately plump pout. A natural lip product may also contain sunscreen to protect the lips from sun damage, thereby keeping the natural collagen found in the lips from being destroyed by the sun’s harmful rays.

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