Toners (Natural)

A toner is a liquid used after cleansing that helps kill bacteria in the skin, balance the skin’s pH level, hydrate and soothe the skin, and remove any dirt and debris missed by the cleanser. Organic Toners and Natural Toners present a wonderful alternative to the often harsh toners found at department stores and drugstores.

Organic Toners typically utilize essential oils to address any number of skin issues. Tea tree oil is often found in natural toners for acne while chamomile is often used for dry and sensitive skins. A lightening toner will use lemon, mandarin and orange essential oils to provide a naturally bright complexion. A natural toner will include all of these same ingredients, but may add a silicone to create an evem gentler toner.

The beauty of natural toners and organic toners is they offer amazing benefits without the need for denatured alcohol and other irritating ingredients.

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