Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Anti Aging: Normal aging skin has certain consistent characteristics. These characteristics become more prominent as we age. Aging skin presents itself in the form of fine lines, enlarged pores, decreased elasticity and thinning or possibly thickening of the skin.

These changes come from the loss of collagen among other intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) factors. As skin ages, we experience a natural loss of fat tissue and the dermis usually thins by an average of 20 percent or more over our lifespan. This intrinsic factor is determined by a person's genetics, thus the visible signs of aging are different for everyone throughout their lifetimes. Extrinsic factors are responsible for up to 85 percent of a person's visible aging. Extrinsic aging, which is considered to be preventable, is the real focus of any and all of our professional grade Anti-Aging treatment systems.

At Skin Trends, our three-step systems are designed to substantially reduce fine lines and wrinkles by working to increase the collagen and elastin in your skin. Treatment systems are formulated to clean, correct and protect the focused areas while providing needed agents to rejuvenate the skin.

First, our professional-level cleansers combine agents to effectively remove dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. This is done while exfoliating the skin's surface. The process promotes increased cellular turnover, which results, over time, in decreased visible aging of the skin.

Secondly, our high-quality correctors provide the skin with nutrients, peptides and other effective ingredients that trigger collagen and elastin production. Melanogenesis inhibitors fade discolorations and help brighten the skin.

Finally, our protectors will aid in the replacement of moisture loss and other external and environmental factors that irritate the skin. Professional-grade protectors will effectively protect your skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays. These protectors are essential to the ongoing fight against further extrinsic aging, so regular application is a must. Protective head coverings, such as hats, should also be worn when treated skin is exposed to sunshine.

Our Aging Treatment systems are the highest quality, most effective solutions for everyday skin care.

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Anti Aging Skin Treatments