Unauthorized Dealer Alert

Unfortunately, every industry, online or off, has its share of unscrupulous businesses. The Skincare industry is no different. The attraction to profit from selling high-end products means that some retailers/merchants that compete for your business in online Google/Bing/Yahoo search ads or even on major e-commerce sites like Amazon.com, eBay.com, Walmart.com, Sears.com, Overstock.com, Jet.com or Drugstore.com are unauthorized merchants.  

What does this mean to you? It means that when you buy from one of these retailers, you run the risk of buying non-warranted, inferior, outdated or even fake products! These retailers are supplied in many ways, including by well-funded, gray-market goods wholesalers that deceptively bring the product into the United States from overseas countries where product piracy and infringement laws are lax. It’s technically called Product Diversion. Obviously, this means that the use of these products can be, at a minimum, ineffective and at maximum, potentially harmful. These products are applied to your face and they’re absorbed through your skin. You wouldn’t buy your food from a pirate, would you? So, don’t take a chance on your skin!

See: FBI Fake Cosmetics Warning   See: FBI Fraud Cosmetics Warning

Skin Trends is an authorized retailer/store for every product line it carries. That means Skin Trends has a legal contract and relationship with every brand/manufacturer. This guarantees that you get the highest quality, freshest products available, in addition to great service and ongoing support!

See our Authorized Store Retailer profile here: Authorized Store

Essentialskin this or Skinmarket that ... Cleopatra this or Fragrance that ... don’t just trust a nice online .Com name, some fancy pictures and maybe even the picture of a fictitious doctor! It’s easy to create a website and list products in it! It’s also possible to offer “guidance” without licensed, manufacturer-supported knowledge. Some companies even create fake reviews for their sites! Reviews are great when they're authentic, but reviews of an unauthorized dealer just means that trusting customers were duped!

Check out the websites' “About Us” section and look for more than just a phone number, an address and maybe a short paragraph telling you what pros they are. Who’s selling the product to you?? Are they authorized to do so? Take the time to e-mail or call the manufacturer of the product you’re interested in and verify that a business is truly an authorized dealer. Skin Trends provides our customers with a list of the manufacturers it represents, their email addresses and phone numbers. Check us out or check out the store of your choice. You might be surprised to find out how many online stores are actually legitimate! 

Don’t be lured by a cheap price and some FREE samples that have a bogus value applied to them! Skin Trends gives you authentic, fresh products, professional advice, real service and real value ... along with free samples and free shipping to boot! When you buy from an Authorized retailer/store of your favorite skincare product, you get a guarantee of product authenticity and freshness. Buy from Skin Trends!

Though using professional skin care products can be a very effective way to improve your skin, improper application of these powerful products can be ineffective or even damaging, without proper and knowledgeable guidance. Skin Trends believes that products should be selected and used once an informative review of your skin condition has been performed by a trained professional. At Skin Trends, your inquiries are exclusively answered by Licensed Estheticians who answer your skincare questions by chat, phone or even Skype! Our expert customer service staff rounds out Skin Trends' ability to provide its customers with ongoing superior service. Your total satisfaction is our everyday goal!