V'Lumine™ Lash Serum

V'Lumine™ Lash Serum

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4 ML. An innovative lash serum, is specifically designed to fortify and nourish lashes to prevent them from breakage. The botanical blend infuses lashes with a nutrient rich formulation, with a time released layered technology. The lash serum has a thicker viscosity, so there is no worry of running in the eye. Comes in an easy to use application with an anti microbial system, allowing multiple usage of the applicator. Natural extracts will help to protect lashes against environmental damage while conditioning and preventing breakage of brittle lashes. With continued use hair fibers will become more full and stronger, providing a more luminous and voluminous eyelash. The V'Lumine lash serum comes in a hyperallergenic and no illuminating formulation that is clinically tested and ophthalmologist reviewed. Comes in a 6 month supply.

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4 ML 6 month supply eyelash conditioning serum.

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On cleansed, dry lashes, apply one stroke of serum to the base of lashes, right near the lid where the lashes grow from the follicle. Apply once a day.