Who are we?

Skintrends.com is owned and managed by skincare professionals who love helping clients improve their tough skincare issues. We’ve either experienced or have had difficult skin conditions ourselves, so we understand how skin problems can dramatically affect self-esteem, self-confidence and general mental happiness.

The staff at Skintrends.com is comprised of service experts and Esthetics professionals combined in one unique online support forum that offers unparalleled expert skincare guidance and professional product system solutions.

We are trained to focus on your needs and your unique issues. So, for us, product sales are a result of our solution-focused client guidance, not just company financial and sales objectives. We believe knowledgeable care and effective solutions set us apart from our competition.

Skin repair and improvements can be had with problem-focused care, but skincare is a lifelong commitment. We help our clients understand what it takes to maintain beautiful skin for a lifetime through skin-maintenance education and their own commitment to long-term diet and external strategies that support skin health.

If you want to know more about the specific ownership or Principals of Skin Trends or SkinTrends.com, please feel free to send inquiries to: admin@skintrends.com  or call our spa/call center/warehouse at (855) 851-1100

Our commitment to our customers is: "We offer Top Quality Products and Prompt Personal Service. If you're unhappy, we'll make it right"

Skin Trends is an: Authorized Store

Skin Trends Expert Service Team


Beatrice C. Botbol

Mrs. Botbol is an experienced Business Manager and a licensed Clinical Esthetician. Beatrice has previously owned and managed a successful brick-and-mortar store. Bea's love of skin, brought her to the Esthetics Industry. Several years of personal use and client use/analysis of professional skincare products allowed Bea to truly understand all skin conditions and the products that genuinely have an impact on the conditions. Bea's day-to-day functions at Skin Trends include online Expert Esthetician support, professional product selection and customer service. Bea's the gal to contact for product inquiries, tough skin-condition issues and any issues that may be unresolved by our Skin Trends Staff.

Bea's e-mail is: b@skintrends.com


Alice T. Alonso

Alice is a top-notch Customer Service Professional. When we think of Alice, we think positive, enthusiastic, self-motivated, conscientious ...  just darn good! Alice knows how to get a job done and she does it with a smile every time. Our clients love Alice because she never leaves them hanging. She solves problems quickly, so no one ever has a reason to complain. When we think efficient problem solver, we think of Alice. Alice has years of experience in business. Her previous roles include office management, payroll processing, customer account management, purchasing, logistics management and, of course, customer service.

Contact: aalonso@skintrends.com


Alexis Springer

Alexis is an Expert Licensed Esthetician who brings tremendous skincare product ingredient and application knowledge to the Skin Trends team. Alexis has an educated background in holistic health and the use of natural/organic ingredients. This unique, knowledge-based understanding of product formulas and their ingredients is applied in daily consultations with our customers. Years of application experience in a spa gives Alexis the fundamental understanding of product applications for all skin conditions and the results that can be expected from proper product use. Alexis works hard, everyday, to understand client needs, so their experience with professional skincare products leads to real improvements in their skin.

Contact: aspringer@skintrends.com


Amie Dandey

Amie is a trained, experienced, licensed Esthetician that exudes her passion for skincare in each and every service. By listening closely to individual client concerns, Amie provides a level of service that can definitely satisfy the most discriminate patrons. Through a process that includes a detailed skin analysis, Amie determines a success focused plan of attack that includes measured, professional product combinations and their associated services. This thorough, analytical process results in better short term improvements and long term results.

At age sixteen, Amie began her career in the beauty industry when she worked as an assistant at a local salon/spa. Experiencing a wide variety of professionals through their provision of esthetic services provided hands on derived knowledge and it solidified a desire to pursue an education/degree in Esthetics. Amie also studied fashion marketing, which currently helps her provide better client satisfaction through an efficient and effective understanding/delivery of promoted versus desired results. Amy says: "Many clients know what they want, but it's not always what they need. I help them understand what works and what doesn’t. The end result is real improvements. Isn’t that what they pay for?"

Amie specializes in the provision of high end facials, peels, body treatments and all related services. She is also experienced and effective at body waxing. A customer service focus is at the core of Amie's passion as she strives to continually learn from every clients conditions and concerns. Her special attention, understanding and hands on effort are the keys to her success.

Contact: adandy@skintrends.com


 Maurice Franklin

Maurice is the kind of person that makes you extremely comfortable as soon as you meet him. His demeanor is calm, yet focused. He embodies the kind of traits, both personality wise and physically that you’d want in a massage therapist. He provides clients with soothing relief through quiet strength.
Maurice was motivated to learn the art of massage, when a good friend came up with a debilitating disease. He wanted to help desperately and learning massage therapy was the key skill needed to aid his friend and ultimately, to Maurice’s future. Today, Maurice helps all kinds of people in need of his special skills, including medicare/medicaid patients with debilitating ailments, such as, brain and spinal cord damage. 
In addition to his fine community work, Maurice spends his work days providing therapeutic massage to fortunate Skin Trends clientele. His massage service includes the combination of deep tissue, pressure point and relaxation focused techniques. Maurice believes strongly that, along with proper nutrition and physical exercise, regular massage is a critical component of the elements needed for the body to operate at its maximum ability.

Contact: mfranklin@skintrends.com


 Celia Behr

Celia Behr has a calm, caring personality that highly complements her wide-ranging skills and vast experience. Her relaxing demeanor shines through in the top notch services that she provides to our fortunate clients. Being educated in a wide variety of massage skills/techniques and varied esthetics/skincare services allows Celia to completely take care of clients with diverse needs and service requirements. In addition to the normal array of Massage services, Celia can perform Lypossage and Lymphatic Drainage/Massage Therapy, as required. Lypossage technique is used for body slimming, as well as, cellulite and/or unwanted body bulge treatments. Lymphatic Massage can substantially aid in drainage that leads to reduced swelling/bruising post invasive surgery/cosmetic procedures. After years of working in popular spas, such as the Ritz Carlton, Celia has developed her skills to a refined level in skincare procedures, protocols and products. These include, experience in the application of Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and other facial resurfacing procedures. Combined with access to our wide availability of Professional Skincare Products/Brands, this library of knowledge allows Celia to expertly diagnose, service and ultimately improve most client skin related disorders. Celia speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Contact: cbehr@skintrends.com