Wilma Schumann® Body Massage Brush Contouring Tool

Wilma Schumann® Body Massage Brush Contouring Tool

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A great accessory to help massage and increase circulation. Use with Wilma Schumann's Body Contouring Serum for a better breakdown of cellulite.

A body massage brush contouring tool.

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  1. Love it! Review by Ingrid

    This brush is awesome and makes my thighs and legs feel great! I use it in combination with the algae contouring soap! What a winning combination for me! Im hooked! If you have cellulite or want firmer skin please try it, I'm glad I did! (Posted on 1/1/13)

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Wilma schumann contour serum for cellulite

Cellulite is fatty deposits located under the skin. These unwanted deposits normally locate themselves around the bottom and the thigh area. This gives skin a lumpy, cottage cheese look. This unfortunate skin occurrence mostly affects woman, starting as early as in their 20's. It’s an unsightly condition that even the most healthy and fit woman can still suffer from. Is it dangerous? Not likely, but you can always consult with a doctor if there is an underlying concern. How does it form? Fatty deposits are formed under the skin. These deposits push up to the connective tissue, creating a dimpled...

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