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Wilma schumann contour serum for cellulite

121158963Cellulite is fatty deposits located under the skin. These unwanted deposits normally locate themselves around the bottom and the thigh area. This gives skin a lumpy, cottage cheese look. This unfortunate skin occurrence mostly affects woman, starting as early as in their 20’s. It’s an unsightly condition that even the most healthy and fit woman can still suffer from. Is it dangerous? Not likely, but you can always consult with a doctor if there is an underlying concern. How does it form? Fatty deposits are formed under the skin. These deposits push up to the connective tissue, creating a dimpled look and feel to the skin. Other factors, like genetics, diet, exercise and even constricting clothes can be factors that contribute to the creation of cellulite. Continue reading

New product: rhonda allison gentle make up remover gel

makeupRhonda Allison Skincare has improved their make up remover. This new formulation will replace the old make up liquid with it’s new, more gentle ingredients. Although it’s formulation is gentle, this product still effectively removes the toughest make up, in and around delicate eye tissue. Continue reading

Find the love in your eye skincare: puffiness and dark circles

153565826Eye puffiness and under eye dark circles are very common skin ailments among the eyes. There are many reasons for these unwanted skin conditions to occur. Puffy, swollen eyes, especially in the morning, can frequently be caused by allergies, sinus infections or even crying. Salt rich foods can also cause delicate eye tissue to swell up. Dark circles are typically caused by heredity, stress, pigmentation irregularities and thinning of the skin under the eyes. This condition can show the blood vessels under your eyes, which becomes more prominent looking under the thin skin tissue. Continue reading