Effectively Smoothing and Hydrating Dry, Chapped Lips

Dry, chapped lips can be bothersome, especially when cracking and peeling occurs. Continuous dryness caused by continuous exposure to low humidity cold weather can quickly cause extreme dehydration in the lips. Most commonly, wintery conditions cause lips to dry out rapidly due to a lack of moisture/humidity in the air. Skin on the lips is much thinner than other skin areas on the body, which makes lips more susceptible to peeling, flaking and general discomfort. Thanks to modern skincare science and formulations, there are effective solutions available that can help replenish moisture, saving many from the concerns associated with chapped lips.

G.M. Collin, the famous French skincare product formulator has released a brand new lip product that restores essential hydration, while promoting the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Regular use reveals smoother, softer, better looking lips. The G.M. Collin Repair Lip Balm is a 3-in-1 regenerative solution, made specifically for dry and chapped lips. The unique applicator tip has a ridged side that works to exfoliate lips, removing theĀ  build up of dry, flaky skin. After lips have been completely exfoliated, users can apply the repairing balm by smoothing it over lips. The formulation contains healing and regenerating Moringa Butter, which nourishes and hydrates lips, reenforcing the hydration barrier. Shea Butter and Maracuja Oil immediately soothe irritated lips, while infusing vital nutrients that can aid in the healing process, keeping lips moist.

This luxurious lip treatment can and will save exposed lips from cold and harsh wintery conditions or it can just be used for daily lip maintenance, promoting comfort. In any event, protecting your delicate pucker is essential. G.M. Collin has created a fabulous skincare tool to help keep lips supple, soft and smooth.

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