Fight skin aging & dark spots with SPF rated UV sunscreens

78491882Protecting your skin with a high quality, UV protecting sunscreen is important at all times of the year. Sunscreen protection with a high SPF rating is an essential component in the ongoing fight to decrease your risk of skin cancer. Regular use of professional products prevents skin tissue from the break down that is typically caused by UV damage. Long term exposure to UV rays can accelerate the aging process in the skin, causing the fiber networks in elastin fibers to break down more quickly, which can result in overly abundant wrinkles and sagging skin. Another possible skin condition that can be caused by sun exposure is Hyperpigmentation. In this dreaded condition, Melanin rises to the surface when the skins epidermis layer responds to a lack of protection. This process creates dark spot and/or patches on the skin, causing sufferers to have an uneven, blotchy complexion.

So, how do you choose the best SPF for your skin? There are many different formulations and SPF strengths available in professional skincare. It’s always best to choose products based on your skin type and/or your lifestyle. This will ensure that you utilize the best sunscreen protection for your skin, providing long term satisfaction.

Image Skincare Prevention Plus has sunscreen products, made with an SPF rating for just about any skin type. Image Skincare products are manufactured with the highest grade ingredients and the most up to date technology, so they provide users with optimal results in skin protection. As an added benefit, the Prevention Plus line leaves no white residue after application. It consistently protects skin from damaging UV rays and free radical damage, by utilizing powerful, blended antioxidants. Image Skincare Prevention Plus comes in a Hydrating SPF 30, made for dry and more normal skin types.

The SPF 30 provides skin with adequate, medium level protection, while keeping skin hydrated and soft. The Prevention Plus Matte SPF 32 is an excellent choice for more oily and acne skin types, because it has a light weight feel. Regular wearers of this product love the balanced combination it provides of comfort and protection. Users that suffer from Hyperpigmentation conditions normally prefer the tinted SPF 30, because it evens the skin tone, while preventing skin from suffering any further exposure to UV damage that causes dark spots.

The Image Skincare Prevention + SPF 45 spray is a great, higher SPF protection choice for those who are more active outdoors. It’s a great product for prolonged sun exposure, because of its easy application and the fact that it can be applied as infrequently as every 4 hours.

Keep in mind that it’s important to wear a high quality, UV protecting sunscreen with a condition/user fitted SPF, every day. UV rays can penetrate through clouds, so in order to properly and consistently protect/preserve the skin, a sunscreen must be worn everyday, rain or shine. Properly protecting your skin, along with regular use/application of other professional grade skincare products, will help keep your skin firm, evenly toned and more youthful looking. More importantly, it will help you keep the risk of skin cancer at bay, for the long haul.

At SkinTrends, Expert Service Estheticians are available to assist clients with current information and knowledge needed to choose the right SPF rated sunscreen protection. Protect your skin from damage, premature aging, hyperpigmentation and the long term risk of skin cancer by choosing and using skincare that really works. Call or Chat with us today.





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