Pro-Youth Duo

Rhonda Allison skincare has always been committed to formulating the most innovative and scientifically advanced skin care products in the industry. Utilizing high quality and fresh botanicals, extracts and essential oils, backed with the scientific data to provide the most effective skin care available on the market. With that being said, there are two new products that have been developed to achieve the most effective anti aging benefits.

Skin strengthening and rebuilding is the philosophy of the pro youth accelerated duo. Combining the C-Stem Cell Skin Strengthener with the SynErgy A Reconstructing Retinal complex, will deliver exceptional results and assists in rebuilding collagen in the skin tissue.

The C-Stem contains a stabilized Vitamin C (MAP-Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), that is easily absorbed in the skin without any irritation. This form of Vitamin C assists the skin in providing a more even tone complexion and even helps to inhibit melanin production, which can reduce conditions pertaining to hyperpigmentation. The botanical source of Plant Stem Cells invigorate the skin tissue for collagen synthesis and restoring firmness to sagging skin. Hyaluronic is also infused in the skin to repair the skin’s natural water barrier and prevent TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). This liposomal complex will enhance the skin’s lipid barrier and while increasing hydration levels to keep the skin supple and plump. This innovative skin serum will provide the skin with all angles of anti aging benefits, firming, toning, complexion and most importantly, skin strengthening.

SynErgy A serum is a corrective skin serum with a stable form of Vitamin A (Retinaldehyde). This skin restructuring serum increases the skin’s natural cellular turnover rate while encouraging collagen synthesis. Collagen helps to keep skin’s elasticity in check and keep the skin firm and prevent sagging. This intensive vitamin A treatment serum is in an encapsulated formulation, delivering the full benefits of active ingredients into the skin’s structure. This will maximize for optimal results in supporting skin tissue. Though potent, but can still be used on sensitive skin conditions, even those with rosacea, to assist in building a stronger foundation for the skin. A complex of botanicals and natural extracts provide relief and calm to inflamed skin, reducing erythema (redness and swelling).

Utilizing these two serums together will give skin the opportunity to rebuild the integrity of the structure of the skin and provide ultimate rejuvenation. The skin will be infused with a treatment of stem cells, Vitamin A and peptides, from both serums, that will increase more resilient skin with amazing anti aging results.

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