Product launch: RSVP skincare for men

the_complete_collection_shadow_copy__49074.1387231556.1280.1280Finding highly effective Men’s Professional Skincare Products can be a challenge. It can be even more difficult, if you’re looking for an organic line. RSVP Skincare for Men is a USDA certified organic line that provides men with products that get real results. The products smell great or they don’t smell at all…just the way a guys wants em! The ingredients are all natural, some are unique to RSVP and the complete line includes an array of products that offer men thorough skin improvement capabilities.

All RSVP Skincare for Men products are free of any toxic ingredients, including Parabens and Synthetics. It’s a fantastic skin care line for those who are extremely sensitive to chemicals and/or for those who have allergies, because the products are also Gluten Free and Vegan certified. A tremendous amount of time and care takes place in the selection and integration of key ingredients that become part of any RSVP skin product formula. This ensures consumers receive highly effective, yet safe skincare.

The main ingredient that deserves the spot light in the RSVP line is Dragons Blood. Dragons Blood is a red resin that’s found in a specific plant/tree species, primarily native to the Asian continent. This resin, which has been used for medicinal practices for many years, is used specifically for wound and tissue healing. It’s intended exclusively for external use in the treatment of many skin conditions. Dragon’s Blood has also been known to aide in calming inflammation of the skin. It’s unique, powerful healing capabilities, encourage skin to heal, resulting in less damage and quick recovery. This combination makes it  perfect for the daily fight to prevent razor burn. Utilizing powerful anti oxidants, it protects and rejuvenates skin tissue. Dragon’s Blood is an essential component of every RSVP Skincare product.

RSVP Skincare is a complete line, made for the every day needs of mens skin. The line includes the RSVP Dragon’s Blood Foaming Cleanser, RSVP Soothe and Smooth Shave Cream and an array of moisturizers like the Hydrating Green Tea Moisturizer and the Anti Aging Intensive Moisturizer. It also includes incredible anti aging serums and correctives, like the Restoring Anti Age Eye Serum, the Repairing Anti Age Face Serum and the Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Cream. RSVP even has a product made especially for men’s skin exfoliation. The Exfoliating Bamboo Face Scrub works quickly, powerfully and cleanly to remove dead skin cells. There’s also an SPF protected, organic lip balm, made with lip drenching moisturizers that sooth and protect chapped lips. The lip balm come in a variety of flavors, such as Herbal Mint, Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Vanilla Bean and Naturally Unscented.

Development and production of the RSVP Skincare line takes place in a Solar powered, “green” approved warehouse. RSVP only produces high quality, natural products, with an emphasis on production that keeps the planet clean. The products are never tested on animals, so they are labeled Cruelty Free.

SkinTrends is proud to announce that the RSVP Skincare For Men is now available and our Expert Service Estheticians can be contacted for further information and support in proper product selection.




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