Revitalash eyelash, eyebrow and hair enhancing conditioners

pink_ribbon_box1The Revitalash  brand is considered to be the originator and innovator, when it comes to eyelash and eyebrow enhancing products. Many competitors have tried to duplicate the effectiveness of the Revitalash line of products, but most do not compare. The Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is their most popular eyelash growth product. NouricheRevitabrow Advanced, Hair Advanced and the rest of their support mascara/primer line provide users with scientifically proven hair growth improvements.

The Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is the original eyelash enhancing product. The product was created by the founder of Revitalash, as a formulation to help his cancer affected wife with her loss of facial hair. Since, its inception,the Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner has provided thousands of women with remarkable eyelash hair growth improvements. Due to a competitive legal this product is not available in or to ship to California.

Nouriche is a safe, effective eyelash enhancing formulation that is applied like an eyeliner to the base of the eyelashes on the eyelid. It’s a unique and effective eyelash conditioner that thickens and strengthens the fibers of the lashes, so lashes are naturally enhanced and increased in volume. Nouriche contains a formulation of peptides and botanicals that are gentle on lashes, in addition to being hypoallergenic.

RevitaBrow Advanced is a wonderful eye brow enhancing formula that works quickly to grow and shape eyebrows that are sparse and difficult to improve. Results may vary, but with regular use, improvements can typically be seen as little as 4 weeks. Eyebrows become more full, so they usually won’t need filling in with eyebrow gels. This great product is also made up of hypoallergenic ingredients and peptides, which help nourish and enhance the hair growing follicles.

 Hair Advanced is specifically designed to help fortify weak hair follicles on the scalp. This treatment is not intended to grow hair where baldness has already started, but it can help strengthen and thicken thin, fragile hair. It is also capable of improving hair that is chemically treated and/or colored. Styling products can be used, as well, during applications. Hair Advanced contains a non irritating, powerful formula that activates and rejuvenates live hair follicles, for thicker, fuller hair. Results may vary, because the full growth cycle of the follicle needs to occur, in order for improvements to be visually seen.

The Revitalash line of eyelash enhancing products include their Revitalash Volumizing Mascara and their Revitalash Volumizer Primer. These non irritating, hypoallergenic products work in combination to intensify lashes, so lashes are extended to look their fullest. Revitalash Mascara Primer comes in a dark blue and the Revitalash Mascara comes in Raven (black) or Espresso (dark brown).  A customized brush allows users the flexibility to separate and define lashes, for a more dramatic appeal. The mascara is smudge proof and it won’t dry out lashes with regular use.

These are just some of the fantastic products from Athena Cosmetics, which owns the Revitalash line. Over the years, the Revitalash team of doctors and scientists have designed and developed eyelash and brow enhancing products that improve the lives of many people, including thousands of cancer affected patients. Athena Cosmetics/Revitalash is a respected affiliate of the American Breast Cancer Association. is proud to offer the Revitalash line. Contact an Expert Service Esthetician at Skin Trends for product use and application information on these wonderfully effective products.




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