Restore Hydration With HydraLuxe from PCA Skin

During harsh weather conditions, either from extreme cold, extreme heat or somewhere in between, dry skin can become very uncomfortable to live with. To save you from the uncomfortable, negative affects of dry skin, PCA Skin has developed and introduced their HydraLuxe moisturizer. It’s a universal use cream, made for all skin types. This wonderful, flexible use product has the ability to adjust to all skin types located in all weather conditions.

HydraLuxe contains a unique blend of non irritating ingredients made to immediately provide soothing comfort to dry, irritated skin. The advanced technology has adaptive hydration capability, which means that it increases hydration levels, as it restores the lipid barrier to accumulate in a variety of wide ranging environments. This process adjusts the cream to greatly replenish lipid and water barriers for all skin types. The incredible moisturizing technology ensures that skin has a reduction in TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) as it adds and utilizes intensive hydrating ingredients, which provide soothing and calming benefits. Regular use helps users maintain an overall healthy complexion.

One of the main ingredients in the HydraLuxe cream is Snow Algae, a potent antioxidant and anti aging powerhouse. Snow Algae promotes the ability for skin to be protected during extreme environmental conditions, while also protecting skin tissue from damaging UV radiation. It does this aiding skin in the production of stress response molecules. The final affect is improvement of skin structure and reinforcement of the barrier function, which helps to protect the skin from further damage, while encouraging healthier and younger surface and below surface skin growth.

The bottom line: During harsh weather conditions, the skin’s barrier function can greatly suffer. Incorporating PCA Skin HydraLuxe into a daily regimen will not only help secure the moisture barrier, but it will also enhance and protect for more supple, soft and incredibly glowing skin. This luxurious feeling cream will envelope the skin in a silky texture that is not to heavy or greasy and it is easily absorbed into the skin. Ultimately, even normal to oily skin types that typically suffer from dehydration will enjoy the benefits of velvety skin smoothness and improved physical complexion.

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