Skincare product introduction: phytomer skincare

PHY Generic Trmt Poster1Phytomer Skincare was started by a visionary, Jean Gedouin back in the early 1970‘s. His original skin improving creations combined the unique, restorative qualities of the ocean and science to provide effective beauty treatments.  Mr. Gedouin,  from the beautiful Saint-Malo, Brittany, in France became fascinated with the special benefits that are harnessed only from marine life. Thus, with ongoing,  extensive research, he created a professional organization, focused on providing the best in skincare treatments. These treatments provide real, scientifically formulated, uniquely satisfying, skin improving results.

 Phytomer is highly recognized for their commitment to quality and scientific research in marine cosmetics. Today, dedicated scientists and skin biologists are focused on the research, development and data needed to provide skin care product excellence…. from the world’s most attributed marine skincare company.  Harvesting protocol, extraction and cultivation is of the utmost importance. Phytomer personnel respect and protect the delicate ocean ecosystems that are used in ingredient cultivation. When purchasing Phytomer, clients can be assured that these high quality products are derived from a positive and trustworthy source.

 Phytomer Skincare has professional skin products ranging from specific condition focused facial skin care products to substantial spa treatment packages that are offered in the worlds most luxurious spas. Body products are created and offered for all over body, topical skin care use. Dietary supplements are a natural compliment that helps ensure that ultimate benefits are achieved for long term skin care health. All of these great products are naturally infused with the the healing benefits of the sea and exclusive elements that give skin satisfying sensations and quick results.

 A men’s line is offered, as well. The powerful line called “Homme” caters to the specific needs of men’s skin health. The highly effective products oxygenate and balance mens skin, enhancing or improving a multitude of conditions that are specific to men, including those caused by shaving.

 Phytomer’s products are infused with their special, exclusively mastered ingredient, Oligomer. This is an important element/ingredient that defines the effectiveness of Phytomer products. This sodium-reduced seawater concentrate is what differentiates Phytomer products from the competition. It’s a big part of why the company has been so successful over the last 40 years. Innovation and technology based from sea derived ingredients, greatly strengthen and fortify the skin. The natural power of the sea replenishes the skin, while minerals enhance the body with pure energy.

 If Phytomer Skincare seems like a potential fit for your skin, or if you would like to get more information about this fantastic innovative company, contact the Expert Estheticians at SkinTrends, today.




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