Teenage skincare products

170608657The majority of teenagers don’t think of skin care, yet many of these young adults suffer from bacterial and/or hormonal acne. Blackheads, whiteheads, sebum and dirt can get blocked up in the pores of any age skin, especially teen skin. Throw into the combination hormonal changes and you’ve got a match made for an unwanted disaster. Hormonal changes make teens more prone to acne, but a good skincare care regimen of professional skincare products can have a significant impact on any condition. Proper product selection, determined by a skincare professional evaluation and routine product application is key to achieving the long term benefits of daily skin care.

Good skin care products are essential, but proper use of these products is even more important. Quickly washing and rinsing the skin isn’t going to resolve any skin underlying issues. It takes time and patient skin maintenance to achieve desired improvements. Also, to get external and internal well being, it’s important to remember that a healthy looking exterior is developed by a clean lifestyle. So, eating right is extremely important. This will greatly improve skin health over the long haul.

Yon Ka Skincare has developed an acne skincare kit that contains blemish correcting  creams that directly and effectively address acne prone skin. The Yon Ka Blemish Control kit is a perfect regimen, made to clear and even skin tone. It’s just right for those times where a quick fix is critical, such as just before a homecoming event or a prom. The kit contains Yonka Cream PG, a daily use cream, made to help sooth irritation and promote healing. Yonka Cream 15 and Yonka Juvenile work together to target undesirable blemishes, quickly drying up acne lesions, without unwanted post inflammation. Add in the YonKa Gel Nettoyant Cleanser, which washes skin cleanly and thoroughly, in preparation for the powerful healing creams.

Rhonda Allison Skincare utilizes their top notch acne products in the Rhonda Allison Blemish Skin System. The kit includes their popular Beta Green Tea Cleanser, which is made for everyday use, deep cleansing. Rhonda’s Beta Green Tea Lotion is perfect for balancing skin PH levels, while the Rhonda Allison Aloe Matte Moisturizer helps heal and hydrate. It also provides needed antioxidant benefits for the skin. The kit also has a wonderful Blemish Serum, made for spot treatments. It promotes quick healing of acne lesions. The Rhonda Allison Green Tea Mask is just right for a once a week skin treatment. It kills bacteria, while enhancing the radiance of the skin. This great kit provides skin products for everyday use and specific application treatment products for those rare and unexpected flare ups. You can’t beat it!

Image Skincare has an entire product line dedicated to treating acne affected teen skin. Image Skincare Clear Cell is their beta hydroxy line, which is made to help skin heal quickly. Gentle ingredients, like Chamomile sooth the skin, while effective ingredients like Tea Tree Oil work to increase anti bacterial defenses. The Clear Cell line comes in different products, made to meet different skin condition needs. Each Image Skincare product combination includes a daily use facial cleanser, clarifying pads (which are perfect for gym bags and guys), a clarifying tonic, a lotion that can be uses as a spot treatment/daily moisturizer and a treatment mask.

There are many great products to evaluate and select. Choosing the right combination of products, made with effective ingredients and impressive qualities, is important, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the right mix on your own. SkinTrends Expert Service Estheticians are here to help teenagers and adults find the right products to improve their unique skin issues. Call us today.



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