V’Lumine Lash Serum

69062Who doesn’t want gorgeous and voluminous lashes that are all au naturale?
With the innovative and synergistic blend of Athena CosmeticsV’Lumine Lash Serum, incredibly healthy and more volumizing lashes are now available to you.

V’Lumine Lash Serum is the newest formulation takeover to enhance natural eyelash health from the innovators at Athena Cosmetics, known for its results-driven Revitalash eyelash conditioner. V’Lumine, which replaces the discontinued Nouriche product, is formulated with advanced technology and botanical ingredients that are designed to work in a time-released sphere-layering technique.

What does all this fancy talk about botanical ingredients and sphere layering mean for your eyelashes? It’s all great news.

The layer-sphere technology is a formula of peptides and omega fatty acids, which are rich in lipids. Lipids assist in restoring hydration levels to your eyelashes, which work to fortify and strengthen brittle lashes. The peptides infuse your lashes, improving their strength and elasticity. This helps keep your lashes from falling out and make them more voluminous. The layer-sphere technology consistently feeds these botanical ingredients to your lashes while also protecting them against free-radical damage, which can cause your eyelashes to weaken and become less lively.

Consistent use of the V’Lumine Lash Serum will greatly strengthen your lashes, creating a full-on shine and healthy lashes that, in time, won’t need mascara, extensions or any other enhancements to make them more noticeable. V’Lumine also gives your eyelashes all the nourishment they need. As with all Athena Cosmetic products, V’Lumine Lash Serum has been reviewed by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. It’s also hypoallergenic for even sensitive eyes to use. Take comfort in knowing, too, that its non-irritating formula was never tested on animals.

SkinTrends, an authorized retailer of Athena Cosmetics and its products, is pleased to announce the new and incredible lash-enhancing formula V’Lumine Lash Serum!

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