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Sun exposure is the No. 1 cause of premature aging in the skin. Too many guys are fooled into thinking the sun is only a problem for tanning bed users and men stranded on desert islands. Unless living year round in a sealed-off cave, every man is exposed to harmful radiation from the sun while driving to work, walking to the mailbox or taking a short jog on a cloudy day. The benefits of all of the other natural or organic men's skincare products are canceled out if a natural or organic sunscreen for men isn't worn every day, rain or shine.

Organic sunscreens for men incorporate the minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which reflect the sun’s harmful rays. A natural sunscreen for men will also use zinc and titanium, but will also include derivatives from cinnamon and willow bark to give additional sun protection.

The outdated idea of the thick, chalky, unimaginably greasy sunscreen understandably gives many men cause for reservation. What sets apart the natural or organic sunscreens found in men's professional lines from the typical drugstore sunscreen is the use of micronized zinc and titanium. The micronized minerals give a more sheer finish, while the addition of botanical antioxidants and anti-inflammatories create a lightweight, natural men's sunscreen that soothes and protects.

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