Skin exfoliation is essential to a complete IMAGE Skincare regimen. The exfoliation process helps remove excess makeup, dirt and dead skin cells while promoting a higher cell turnover rate in your skin. IMAGE Skincare exfoliants are available in a variety of forms for different skin types. These forms include creamy enzymes, granulated scrubs, and fruit acid toners. Each IMAGE Skincare exfoliant is designed with different mechanisms and ingredients to encourage better product penetration, rendering the entire skincare regimem more effective.

IMAGE Skincare exfoliants should be used no more than twice per week, as overexfoliation can lead to excess oil production in the skin, which can turn into acne blemishes. IMAGE Skincare enzymes can be used more often, about three times per week, and are extremely gentle while breaking down dead skin cells and providing a smoother texture. IMAGE Skincare granular scrubs are best saved for rougher, thicker skin and used only once to twice a week. An exfoliating tonic can be used every day, or as needed.

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